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4 Major Website Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

1. Hiring a Web Designer

This is the first and the most important step for a small business to avoid website design mistakes. However finding a web designer is not an easy task, especially when most small business owners are so focused on their business that they don’t have the necessary time or skills to find a web designer. Even when one is found, most regular web designers focus more on their design aesthetic, instead of focusing on your business, your business goals, and your consumer.

Although there are some qualified web designers out there, we know that not all consider your needs. That’s the difference between an average web designer who has the skills and an amazing web designer who will build you a website with all of the variables that you need for your business to succeed, which include content, call to action, engaging your audience, and original photos. As a small business, you should be looking for a web designer or agency that can include all of those because it’s great to have a nice looking website, but it won’t make a difference if people can’t find it because it lacks the necessities.

2. Lack of Original Content

Original content is vital for your website to stand out! Original content, no matter what your business is, means setting yourself apart from your competition. This makes your content easier for people to understand and it makes the potential customer want to read more. In many cases, if you’re starting a brand new industry or entering into one that’s fairly new, then having content that explains who you are, and what you do, is necessary to convey your brand.

However, even if you were entering into an industry that’s been around for years like fitness, fashion, or even food and beverage, original content can be used to explain to the potential customers what your differentiators are. If you’re a small business that’s been around for decades, then your content should reflect how much you’ve been a part of your local community. In today’s world where big corporations and businesses are taking over big cities and small towns throughout the US, your local neighbors would love to support the businesses that have been in their community for years. That’s why engaging, and clear content can give people the information they need to use to choose you over your competitors.

But beware; oftentimes a simple web designer will design without even having content, which means they are truly not paying attention to your words and are more than likely using similar templates that they always use for any business that they develop websites for, instead of understanding what your needs are. A competent designer is going to write (or at the very least) require content before they can start designing. Otherwise, how will they know which sections will need photos, where phrases and headlines would look best, and what places might need a sentence or two to enhance the area? Original and engaging content is another reason some web designers just won’t be able to help your online presence.

3. Not Engaging Potential Customers or Clients

You have original content and the right web designer, but have they effectively used the content and design to connect with your potential audience? Don’t get us wrong, at Promotion LA, we understand how important a web designer and content are, that’s why they are #1 and #2 on this list. But you need more than just engaging words, great photos, and a design that speaks to your customers. This is where Call to Action buttons come in. According to Impact, there are a few examples that businesses make of bad CTA buttons which include:

  • Click here
  • Download
  • Submit
  • Enter
  • Request
  • Continue

The reason these are bad CTA buttons is that they don’t actually tell your customer anything they’ll be getting by clicking the button. You want buttons that are directly telling your customers what they’ll be doing when they click on the CTA. For example:

  • Get My eBook
  • Stay Connected
  • Join the Fun
  • Let’s Talk
  • Give Me More
  • Watch Right Now

CTA Buttons

Of course, a few of those buttons require the correct context to understand, like Give Me More, could mean more products, more information, something that is more than just what they’re reading or looking at. Creative CTA copy can make someone click for more information, to sign up, or to look at your products. Noncreative CTA copy like the ones mentioned first can actually make your potential consumer click off your website.

So how do CTA buttons apply to your business? Let’s say you’re an Auto Body Shop and someone has found your website online and they’ve clicked on a link that brings them to your homepage. If just an image of your business or employees pop up without any useful information to engage them, they’re not going to understand if your website is a blog or a business offering services. An easy way to fix this, are pop-up windows asking you to “Call Now for an Appointment” or even offer an incentive like, “Free Inspection” or “10% Off Right Now.” This gives the consumer an immediate and obvious action to take. Even when it isn’t a pop-up window but just a clear button on your homepage that they immediately see, this will keep them engaged and they’ll want to know more about your business and the services/products you provide.

4. Not Hiring Promotion LA

Of course, this is just a bonus website design mistake but a true one. As your digital marketing solution, we work hard to make your online presence come to life, whether you currently have a website or are starting from scratch. Our talented team provides you with a website design that suits your business, goals, industry and consumer, and we guarantee that you avoid the previous website design mistakes.

We also take into consideration your content, setting you up with a content interview so you can express what tone you want us to use and what information is the most vital that needs to be included on your website. We then design a website using that content, original photography, and a layout that is easy to navigate for your consumer, with CTA buttons so they know exactly what to do and where to go. In fact, check out our Portfolio page to see how we’ve been able to implement these important aspects to our clients’ websites, or you can call us today to set up a consultation at 310-405-7958.

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