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5 Creative Marketing Strategy Ideas

Marketing strategies are not one size fits all. Depending on your target audience and offering, you can employ wildly different marketing campaigns from one promotion to the next. We know that going through many different marketing strategies and being innovative at every turn can be exhausting. Promotion LA is here to give you a break! Check out a few of our favorite creative marketing strategies!

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Direct Mail Marketing

You might be surprised that this one is even on our list at all. The trick with direct mail marketing is to do it infrequently and in addition to any current digital marketing campaigns. Another tip we recommend is that your marketing collateral should stand out. Your audience receives their fair share of boring white, brand-less envelopes as it is. To prevent your print collateral from being tossed, ensure that your envelope or catalog is colorful, eye-catching, and appealing. Put your best offering front and center to incentivize your audience to keep your print collateral.

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Groupon and Honey Coupon Codes

Offering coupons is probably one of the oldest marketing strategies in the book, but gone are the days of print-only offerings! Utilizing sites and apps like Groupon and Honey can go a long way to turning window shoppers into customers. You can potentially reach 53 million of Groupon’s active users, as well as Honey’s 17 million active monthly users. That’s pretty impressive!

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Employee Promotion

Most don’t really think about the true value employees can offer to the companies they work for. Incentivizing employees to promote their company’s product line is a win-win scenario. What you decide to offer them is up to you, of course, but we might suggest gift cards, an end-of-year bonus, and other perks that are dependent on referral conversion.

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Write an Article or Column

When you reach out to digital or print publications to write an article, you’ll need to think about your intended audience. If you want to reach a larger number of potential buyers, choose a well-established newspaper like The New York Times or The Washington Post.Β  If your industry is particularly niche, you may want to select a publication that publishes content within said niche. Regardless, whenever you publish an article through a publication with a sizable readership, you have the chance to generate a sizable pool of leads.

Though people who read these publications may not be looking for a product your company sells specifically, they may find what you have to say insightful or intriguing. Establishing yourself as an expert in your industry or speaking about a charitable organization your company supports can have a resonating effect on potential customers.

Let us know what you think about these out of the box marketing strategies. Which is your favorite? Have you tried any of these yet?

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