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7 Ways to Engage with Your Social Media Audience

Is your company relatively new and taking advantage of the digital realm to conduct business? Or have you been in operation for some years and have only just begun to use the internet to get attention and customers? Either way, it’s important that you reach your target audience and that your customers can learn about you on your website. The possibilities are endless when it comes to advertising online, but in order to drive potential customers to your site, or even to your store, you need to be active and engaging on your media accounts. Here are 7 ways to be more engaging with your audience on social media!

Stay on Top of Current Events

Let’s take this from big to small, shall we?

First, be aware of what month we’re in and what holidays will be coming up. Themed newsletters, store decorations, and simple posts acknowledging the holidays will go a long way. Why? Because your customers like to see that you’re in touch with what’s going on around you. Activity during and attention to the holidays shows that you’re still present!

In the same vein, put up posts for the awareness that month. Breast cancer awareness month, for example, is in October, so you can spread out your posts to incorporate both the Halloween spirit and awareness of the condition.

On a more specific level, you can check out the different holidays within the month that are more obscure. Did you know there’s a National Donut Day, for example, which falls on the first Monday of June? Well, now you do! Find the holidays that coincide with your business and be sure to make a push to your audience on those days.

Finally, seek out local movements or happenings and support what you enjoy. The more you engage with your local community, the more likely it is that you’ll retain their business – and that you’ll garner their appreciation, too.

Join in a Hashtag

What hashtags trend in your industry? Picture by Irfan Ahmad on Pixabay.

There are trending topics on Twitter and Instagram, and it’s common to see many users post photos and events according to the hashtags. These hashtags can track occasions and let your business show up in the feed of those who also follow the tag. The more active you are with a hashtag – say, for #tacotuesday if you’re a Mexican restaurant – the more business you’ll see.

Of course, you could also start a hashtag of your own and encourage your customers to use it whenever they shop at your store, eat a meal, or anything that fits your business. This way, they’ll market your business without you having to do much – and you can even feature them on your pages to be more engaging!

Support Other Accounts

There are plenty of businesses and accounts that aren’t competitors – so why not support them? There are a lot of mutual benefits to showing support to these other businesses; you might even share customers if there is enough trust from the fanbases.

This goes further than business accounts, though. If users are actively commenting on your posts and sharing your media, you should directly engage with them – say thank you, leave a comment, leave a like, do anything that lets you interact with your customers.

Create an Introduction

Most of the time, business social media accounts are purely business-oriented. It can help if you’re more personable, present, and visible. Your customers will know there’s an actual person behind the account who cares about them, and they’ll naturally want to see and know more. You can introduce yourself, detail the history of the business, explain why you do what you do, and even use the platform as a place to let customers see more of what’s behind the scenes.

After you’ve shown yourself and established yourself as an active user, though, be careful. It’s still a business account first and foremost, so your personal philosophies might be better suited to your personal account!

Run a Survey

Surveys are great ways to engage with your customers. They can be anything from lighthearted surveys to serious inquiries about products and services. For example, if you run a restaurant account, you could put up a survey that polls customers about what their favorite dishes are and what they would love to see more of. You might be considering adding new sauces or a new meal, and a quick survey could be a fast gauge of interest. Of course, you’ll need to test run any new products or services in the store, but this is a great way to get customers involved!

You also should share the survey results so everyone can see them. This lets everyone see how their choice performed relative to the rest.

Offer a Promotion or Deal

special offer
What kind of special offer can you run? Picture by chetan kotadiya on Pixabay.

There are so many ways you can draw more attention to your social media accounts and get more involved with users, we almost forgot about mentioning promotions and deals. You can offer specific redeemable coupons or offers on social media, have raffles and drawings, and more.

For instance, if you run a homemade clothing shop, you might run an offer that allows a customer to get a discount on a custom fabric or design. They might be able to personalize a piece of clothing or monogram a sweater.

The simple deals are also effective, too, and you can talk with customers to let them know about codes that offer 10% off, buy-one-get-one-half-off sales, in-store promotions for the first 100 customers, and more. The key is to let your audience know – so get interacting!

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