Welcome to Our Agency!

Promotion LA is a full-service creative digital marketing agency based in West Los Angeles. We have been in the advertising industry since 1982, and we have transcended through generations from print marketing to the current digital space. Our evolution over time has prepared us and given us the knowledge we need for the new trends of tomorrow. Promotion LA’s longevity speaks volumes about our network, reliability and, most importantly, the results that we produce.

Our professionalism is unmatched with our experienced team of online professionals that cover content writing, social media, marketing and development. We know how to lead you to success, and with our diverse portfolio, we can work with any client to get them the result they want.



Our Vision

We aim to provide digital marketing services that generate results on a local and national level for small business in Los Angeles.

We accomplish this at Promotion LA by using a support system that lets us simplify our work and stay in constant contact with our clients. Our system is easy to use and guarantees that no information slips between the cracks.


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Promotion LA’s Successful Social Media Campaigns

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One of Promotion LA’s main services is marketing, and we specifically offer social media marketing and create in-depth, flawless social media campaigns for our clients. These social media campaigns encompass