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Promotion LA is a full-service creative digital marketing agency based in West Los Angeles. We’ve been in the advertising industry since 1982, and we’ve transcended through generations from print marketing to the current digital space. Our evolution over time has prepared us for the new trends of tomorrow. Our longevity speaks volumes about our network, reliability and most importantly the results we produce.



Our Vision

We aim to provide digital marketing services that generate results on a local and national level for small businesses in Los Angeles.


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Why Web Security is So Important

Web Development

Web security should be a major concern for anyone that manages their own website, but especially so if you run a business! Running a business through your site often means

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Google + is Shutting Down: What this says about Successful Social Media Platforms


When it comes to social media platforms, Google + was always a bit of an anomaly. It wasn’t as image focused as its competitors like Instagram, its messenger services were