Company Background

Benny Borsakian launched Benny’s Tacos after traveling and finding dozens of recipes for the best Mexican food. He launched Benny’s Tacos with a single location, aiming to be one of the premier Mexican restaurants in Los Angeles. Over time, Benny’s Tacos grew to be one of the most recognizable spots in the city, offering Mexican meals and full catering services.

Problem Solving

When Benny first came to us, he had a drastically outdated website with low functionality. It lacked many basic features, such as an online ordering system, and it had next to no content or call-to-action phrases. The issue was simple: there was a problem bridging the gap between the restaurant and the digital world. His competitors were easily passing him by.

Additionally, his single location was not bringing in what it should've been, and he needed another spot that would better serve his needs. He required a larger location that would enable him to carry out catering as well as regular restaurant services.

Lastly, Benny had a lack of effective marketing campaigns. As customers focused more on the digital space, Benny needed marketing that fit the direction of his company.

Benny hired us more than 20 years ago to help him with these problems.

After success with the relocated restaurant, we guided Benny to opening a second and third location. These additional locations made it easier to prepare food each day and provide catering services to a number of companies in the area. The expansion of his brand was extremely important, as Benny's saw such success that growth was inevitable. 

Our Strategies and Direction

Our first order of business was to get Benny’s Tacos online. We devised a whole new website for him from scratch, created landing pages, and highlighted his menu. Our goal was to create SEO-rich content so that he would have a verifiable presence on the web. This, of course, required an entire rehaul of the site with additional pages, such as a blog and a gallery.

We created an online order system so that he could take orders from the web. We integrated the restaurant with third-party delivery companies and management ordering services. We built a social media presence for him and continue to show off the dishes. We helped him expand to a second and third location and we’re currently looking into a fourth.

During COVID-19, Benny’s Tacos, like many restaurants, saw an initial dip. We helped him with the marketing strategy of turning catering into personalized lunchboxes. These packaged lunches were widely used by hospitals, construction companies, and more.

To this day, we continue to keep his website updated and efficient. We know his business inside out, and we’re always there to help with promotions and events. Our goal is to push his brand — and when you have a great product, it isn't hard to market it!

Results and Success

Customer Satisfaction

In December 2017, Benny's Tacos saw about 3,200 users visit the website each month. Through marketing efforts on social media (including Taco Tuesday and Student Special deals), we created effective marketing campaigns to continue to drive traffic to the website and convert customers into making purchases. By October 2021, Benny's Tacos was seeing more than 16,000 visitors each month.

In addition,  we made it easier for customers to use the numerous delivery services now available. The upward trend of visitors continues to the current day; Benny’s enjoys more than half of his visitors from organic search and is still seeing growth. Deliveries from different apps are abundant. In-store visitors come and go from the time the doors open.

421.28% Increase in Web Organic Traffic

87.04% Increase in Advertising Traffic

404.25% Increase in Social Media Traffic

205% Increase in Total Leads Revenue

Catering Success

In addition, Benny's Tacos expanded the catering services in an important way throughout COVID-19. As mentioned above, the packaged lunches were a huge success for essential workers on the front lines, and many more corporations picked up the option. Beyond prepared lunches, though, the conventional catering at Benny's has seen unprecedented success. From local companies who have been going to the restaurant for years to conglomerates like Google, Benny's Tacos has served lunch and dinner to employers and employees for years. 

The success of the catering services has allowed Benny to open a fourth location with further emphasis on catering. Benny’s has grown from feeding hundreds to feeding tens of thousands in households and corporations, and the business is only continuing to grow.

Benny’s Experience

Benny has written glowing reviews and made so many recommendations on our behalf. The reason we’ve worked so well with him for over two decades is because our relationship is as much personal as it is professional. We have helped him change as the landscape changed, and we always put his best interests first. Now, Benny checks with us no matter what idea is brought to the table.