Google is God when it comes to organic search. In fact, the word “Google” has even become a verb for doing online research. Even if we didn’t actually use Google at all. That’s pretty incredible, right? Odds are that most people on the planet use Google when they complete an online search, though. As of January 2021, Google hosted nearly  92.47% of the world’s online searches, but that still leaves the other 7.53%. A majority of this percentage is powered by Bing. At this point, you may ask; is that percentage even notable enough to care about? Is it Worth it to Optimize Your Business Website on Bing? If it is, what are the behaviors of Bing users and do they fall into a set demographic? We’ll answer these questions and more!


Search Engines Other Than Google

There are a number of search engines other than Google. Their user base is much smaller and some of them have been the victim of memes and jokes over the years (we’re looking at you, Bing), but that doesn’t mean that their ROIs are anything to laugh at. Many search platforms have risen and fallen over the last few decades- having been acquired by larger companies- some of which people haven’t used since the late 90s and early 2000s.

  • Google: 85,86%
  • Bing: 6.84%
    • Yahoo!: 2.76%
  • Baidu: 0.55%
  • Yandex: 0.59%
  • Other: 3.4%

(Stats according to

Google and Microsoft’s Bing are the two largest competitors for search engine supremacy in the US, but there are a number of smaller search engines with special features in the other category. We’ll talk about them and how they work in a different blog post.

Bing’s Organic Search

Just because your site ranks well on Google does not mean it ranks well on Bing, too. The reason for this is that these search engines have different ways of returning search results to users based on the text they typed into the search bar. In short, a result that did not grace Google’s top three pages might show up on Bing’s.

Exact Match Domains: Or, only results matching the exact text input are returned to the user. Sticking to verbatim keyphrases and keywords will help with this.

Use Bing Places: When you list and claim your business on Bing Places, your local SEO performance will improve exponentially. You can improve your business by improving SEO through Bing’s Webmaster Tools. By adding this component to your marketing toolkit, you can employ categories and tags to help Bing understand your website’s content.

On-Page SEO is Key: Bing likes verbatim in-text keywords and phrases in H2 page headers, meta descriptions and web content much more than it likes any SEO done off-page.

Social Media Presence Matters: Bing factors in social media search rankings, as well- so ensure that your business is ranking well on those sites, too. A consistent, genuine social media presence factors more heavily into Bing’s algorithm than it does on Google’s.

Unique Content: When you create SEO-optimized unique content between 2,100-2,400 words, Bing will reward your site in its algorithm. It values quality over quantity, so taking that into account will be important when optimizing for Bing.

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Why Optimize Your Site for Bing?

Higher ROI: Analytically, Bing users on average have a lower bounce rate and are much more likely to spend not only more time on your webpage, but to subscribe to your website’s email and engage with more affiliate links.

Lower Competition: In 2019, 126 million users in the United States alone performed 6 billion Bing-powered searches. That year, Bing owned 36% of the US desktop search market. Here’s what that says to us: that’s a lot of business to be missing out on! With less competition, it’s so much easier for your marketing strategies to cut through the noise and bring more unique users to your website.

Windows Devices Bring in Bing Searches: There are loads of PC users that own Windows devices globally, and for those devices, Bing is the default home search engine. There are a staggering 1.5 billion Windows-powered devices, and 900 million of them are supported by Windows 10 which directs a lot of search traffic through Bing.

Cortana and Alexa Voice Search: As voice search is a digital marketing trend of 2021 and because Alexa and Cortana are 2 of the 3 most widely-used personal assistant AIs on the market today, and they are both powered by Bing, not optimizing for them is an error that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Yahoo! is Powered by Bing: Yahoo! is the third most-used search engine, and it’s also powered by Bing, therefore it uses the same algorithm.

bing demographics

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Bing’s User Demographic

According to Wordstream, Bing users typically:

  • Average 45 years of age 
  • Are more educated. Half of all Bing users have a college degree, and 17% of those have an advanced degree.
  • Have a higher socioeconomic status. A third of Bing users have household incomes of over $100K
  • Spend More. Bing users spend 35% more money than the average Google user.
  • Are Married, where 30% are parents
  • Tend to focus on automotive, real estate, and travel-based purchases.

Take the stress and work out of your business’s website optimization by letting Promotion LA handle the SEO optimization of your business webpage. We’ll ensure that we optimize your business website on Bing and Google alike. Drop us a line to increase your web traffic conversion rate!

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With the world in a state of upheaval (still), it can be tough to predict what the market is going to do next, but luckily we’re here to help. We’re at the end of the last quarter of 2021 and the year is rocking and rolling, so we wanted to take a moment to share some of the top digital marketing trends of 2021 thus far.

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One on One Virtual Customer Service

People have always liked talking to “real” people instead of bots, and this hasn’t changed! In fact, we’d hazard to say that demand for one on one customer service with a live customer service representative has grown exponentially. Now that more people are home for much longer stints of time, establishing a human connection beyond people’s quarantine pods has exponentially increased in value.

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Livestreamed Events

This event has been canceled. 

It’s likely a sentence that has likely haunted your dreams for months- especially if you’re someone who was looking forward to a particular concert, convention, or otherwise. It’s no surprise that CrowdCast or Live Streaming events have become as popular as they have. Virtual live events are the next best thing. This trend will certainly continue into 2021 as long as live events continue to be out of the question. You can reach your consumers by putting on CrowdCasts or sponsoring one. This will provide content for your customers to consume.

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Podcast Content

Podcasts have seen an uptick in viewership over the last year. In fact, about 68 million Americans currently subscribe to weekly podcasts. The great thing about advertising with a podcast is that their demographics tend to be niche, making it easy to determine whether or not a podcast will reach your target audience!

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Charitable Outreach

With the rise in unemployment thanks to the continuing pandemic and staff cuts (unemployment in the US is at 6.3% as of Jan. 2021), showing a little empathy goes a long way. Not only is promoting a charity or giving a certain percentage of all proceeds to said charity great for optics, but it’s also the right thing to do. Appealing to the ethos of your shoppers is a great way to build a personal connection with them and can do a lot to set your business apart from your competition. Whether you decide to donate a percentage of all sales to organizations like No Kid Hungry or One Percent for the Planet, you’ll be doing a good thing- and your customers will appreciate your humanitarian goals.

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Verbal Search

There has been an uptick in verbal-based search, or search utilizing Siri or Cortana. In the age of COVID, people have been talking to each other digitally more frequently, so it’s no surprise that people are talking to their personal AI’s more, too. In fact, according to a survey run by NPR and Edison Research, 5% more people between March 31, 2020 – April 1, 2020 used a voice command several times a day than was reported in the month previous. We foresee this trend continuing until the pandemic is capped.

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Inclusivity-Centered Marketing

In light of the widespread support of the Black Lives Matter movement, it has caused a number of companies to look inward and come out in support of the movement, as well. Collaborating with minority creators and supporting them across social media has been a popular route. Increased inclusivity in marketing campaigns including visual aids like commercials, promotional videos, promotional displays, and more can work to your advantage. When you tell your clientele that your product works for the widest audience possible- regardless of race, body size, etc., they will be drawn to your brand and product.

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Personalization is Key

Everyone likes personalized things. Personalized lockets, window stickers, sneakers- so it’s really no surprise that people like personalized marketing content, too. Isn’t it much better to receive specially curated content just for you than content with seemingly no direction? The answer is, absolutely! When you choose to personalize your marketing strategy, your customer will perceive your company’s dedication to excellent customer service (which is of course true!). Targeted ads based on what your lead has searched for on your website in the past, account holder email blasters,  special offers, and empty cart emails are great ways to appeal to customers.

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Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing has been all the rage for years, but now that people are stranded at home, they’re even more desperately looking for new content to devour. The influencer marketing industry is currently worth around $22 Billion USD. It’s no surprise that such a lucrative industry continues to expand as the popularity of YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok influencers continue to grow. In some way, the current global climate has been a boon to these creators. They don’t have the overhead of a large production company and they can circumvent much of the logistics needed for full-scale photo or video shoot. Their flexibility, relative affordability, and access to vast, niche communities make them fantastic resources for your business! We’ll talk more about influencer marketing strategies in a different blog, so stay tuned!

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Video Content Above All

Video content has been key for years now, and it shows no signs of slowing or stopping. Video content doesn’t just provide a visual, it provides something that’s nearly tangible. In direct sales, the goal is to put a product in the customer’s hand to create a touch-based connection with your product. Now that people are less in person and more virtual, creating video content is the next best thing. It’s been predicted that people will spend 100 minutes every day on average watching video-based content in 2021, it’s a great opportunity to partner with YouTube, Instagram, and Twitter to get your content out there. The longer a consumer spends watching videos, the higher the ROI and the more likely they are to convert to a customer who makes a purchase from your store. A great tip when creating video content is to keep it short, but not too short. 30 seconds seems to be the sweet spot, followed closely by 15. For more marketing video tips, we’ll keep you up-to-date on the latest and greatest in future posts.

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Times have changed so radically since early 2020, and smaller brick and mortar businesses have had a tough time staying open. Having a strong online presence and user-friendly website is so deeply important nowadays that it can make or break your business. If you’re a company that has been particularly hard-hit by the pandemic, know that you’re not just going to need a  marketing team to recover, but business analysts that intimately understand what you do and how the marketing space shifts and changes.

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A Flexible Partner for a Volatile Market

Promotion LA has been operating in the marketing space since 1984 before the digital age even got its start. We were there when marketing transitioned from direct mailers and print catalogs to social media management and web development. In fact, many of our original clients are still with us today! We’re no stranger when it comes to keeping abreast of changing marketing trends.


promotion la logo

Promotion LA’s Logo

Getting back to business is crucial, so what you need is a hands-on business partner that is as flexible as you need to be to help you maximize cash flow in this unpredictable market. When you work with Promotion LA, you should come to expect swift communications and decision making. Rigid boards that rely on long deliberation processes and take weeks to come to a decision are things of the past. To keep a company alive and thriving, stick with a team of business analysts and marketing professionals that will continually and successfully put you in front of your customers- no matter what the market is doing.

delivery getting back to business

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How are Other Companies Getting Back to Business?

It’s been a year of shuttered windows and office closures all across the country, and across the world. With the vaccine rolling out in all 50 states, it is too early to tell what kind of impact it’s going to have on our businesses. What we do know, however, is what companies are doing to stay in business while staying ahead of this spontaneous market.

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Food Service

  • Restaurants offering catering services are now offering individual lunchboxes to prevent any communal buffet situations.
  • The use of 3rd party delivery and pick-up services like UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and Postmates are also great ways to keep orders flowing in. Contactless delivery is key.
  • When your brick and mortar store is mixed in with neighbors who have gone out of business, posting a large, “we’re open” sign out front will go a long way to bringing customers into the store to place take-out orders.

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  • Having an online store that is easy to navigate (aka is user-friendly) will turn over higher conversion rates.

free delivery getting back to business


  • Promoting “Order Online” and “Pick Up” options are great, too.
  • Posting disclaimers on your webpage about any changes to your usual business hours, masking requirements, and shipping changes for all online orders is a great way to get vital information to your customers.
  • Offering free delivery is a great way to convert sales, too.


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Maximizing Your Cash Flow

We’ll work with you to find a marketing strategy custom-fit for your company that will help you maximize your cash flow while helping you on your journey to getting back to business. We won’t burden you with expensive outreach campaigns just because. Instead, we’ll analyze your digital marketing standing and take into account how you match up with your competitors. From there, we’ll advise you on the most effective (and most cost-effective) methods of increasing your visibility online and converting window shoppers to loyal customers.


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We’ve heard so many heartbreaking stories about entrepreneurs and business owners who thought 2020 was their year. They’d put in the work in 2019 to make their goals a reality— whether it was about expanding their workforce threefold or refreshing their menu and adding a live music rotation to their restaurant’s dining experience. Only, they never got to reap the rewards of their labor before the pandemic drove them from their offices and into their homes.

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Slogans and taglines help brands achieve the same goal: to stand apart and be remembered. Though they’re often referenced interchangeably, they’re two very different marketing elements. They are similar in that they are both unique, catchy, quippy, brief pieces of branded copy that act as important marketing touchstones. 

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Choosing your website’s color scheme is an important decision to make. Not only does your website represent the digital identity of your company, but it’s one of the first things a potential customer will notice. This means that you’ll need to make an excellent first impression. With this said, your website’s color scheme will typically need to follow your brand’s style guide. If you don’t have a brand style guide, then we encourage you to use the color wheel while taking into account your product’s packaging as well as your industry. 

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marketing strategy

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Understanding the demographic segmentation of your brand’s intended audience can improve your marketing strategies a thousandfold. We know that reaching your target audience can be a tricky feat no matter how you slice it, so we’re going to give you the lowdown.

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Marketing strategies are not one size fits all. Depending on your target audience and offering, you can employ wildly different marketing campaigns from one promotion to the next. We know that going through many different marketing strategies and being innovative at every turn can be exhausting. Promotion LA is here to give you a break! Check out a few of our favorite creative marketing strategies!

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marketing consultants collaboration
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Promotion LA isn’t just an advertising firm, we’re a business and marketing consultant that understands what you do and how you do it. Not only does the Promotion LA team work hard to ensure that we know what you want and need out of your next marketing project, but your business goals, as well. We make it our business to become specialists in your niche industry so that we can better serve you and your company. Promotion LA has been in the advertising industry since 1982, so keeping abreast of the latest and greatest trends in digital marketing including web design, website creation, SEO, social media marketing, and more is a huge part of what we do.

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