Web Security 1

Why Web Security is So Important

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Jan 30
Web security should be a major concern for anyone that manages their own website, but especially so if you run a business! Running a business through your site often means having credit card numbers, personal data and important internal information stored within the digital realm. In this blog we will look into some vulnerabilities that are common with websites in their early stages, and what you should be on the lookout for when making your
Social Media Platforms 1

Google + is Shutting Down: What this says about Successful Social Media Platforms

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Jan 28
When it comes to social media platforms, Google + was always a bit of an anomaly. It wasn’t as image focused as its competitors like Instagram, its messenger services were a step below that of Facebook and its posts were not as simple and user friendly as Twitter. In all regards, it wouldn’t be out of place to call it a jack of all trades, and master of none. Though it surely had some loyal
Getting Ready for Wordpress 5.0

Getting Ready for WordPress 5.0

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Nov 19
WordPress 5.0 is on its way! Normally updates to online platforms are done incrementally, allowing small changes to build into something new over various versions – not the case here. Do you write a lot of content on WordPress platforms? Well, you are going to have to make some adjustments to your habits because the new Gutenberg Editor is bringing even more options and customization to your editing experience. A new theme is one the
Ecommerce basics: What Types of Ecommerce Are There?

Ecommerce basics: What Types of Ecommerce Are There?

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Oct 09
Starting an online business can be a grueling, nearly endless barrage of hurdles to pass but it helps to be prepared. Ecommerce is, however, growing as people are becoming more accustomed to making their purchases through a trusted online resource. With this in mind, there are several types of Ecommerce sites to be aware of so you can do your best to prepare for their demands. The world grows more digital with each passing year,
Websites For Disabled Persons What You Need to Know

Websites For Disabled Persons: What You Need to Know

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Jul 24
Due to the increased pressure from advocacy groups and potential litigation, websites for disabled persons have become a hot topic in the world of web development. One in five Americans have some kind of disability, and having websites that accommodate certain disabilities do wonders for helping them live their day to day lives. The internet has become essential to living a productive life and managing the daily tasks that come with it – it’s only
Why It’s Important to Claim Your Business Online

Why It’s Important to Claim Your Business Online

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Jun 22
You should claim your business online – RIGHT NOW! Okay, now that we got that out of the way you may be left with a few questions: How do I claim my business? Why should I claim my business? What is claiming my business? I have a website, isn’t that good enough? The answers are as follows: Go online, because someone else will, taking ownership of your online local listings, and not at all. The
Content creation will drive your campaign

5 Tips for Quality Content Creation

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Apr 12
At Promotion LA, we’ve established ourselves as a digital marketing agency. With that being said, we specialize in more than just handling a brand’s digital marketing strategies and campaigns. We consider ourselves a full service creative agency because we can produce content to drive a campaign as well as derive a strategy for the campaign. Content is at the center of all successful campaigns. High quality imagery and text will push a campaign to its
Instagram is social media's biggest trend

Instagram Tips for Your Local Business

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Mar 14
Instagram is a tool that is becoming increasingly popular in this generation. If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it is a picture sharing app with filter presets that can turn any ordinary photographer into a professional! Well, not exactly, but if you use your imagination then anything is possible. Anyway, Instagram is not only an artsy photo sharing application, but it is also a great tool for brands to build and grow their social media