3 Major Website Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make

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Nov 20
1. Hiring a Web Designer This is the first and the most important step for a small business. However finding a web designer is not an easy task, especially when most small business owners are so focused on their business that they don’t have the necessary time or skills to find a web designer. Even when one is found, most regular web designers focus more on their design aesthetic, instead of focusing on your business,

Defining Your Target Audience

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Apr 14
Find Your Audience For any small businesses, building a solid customer base is definitely essential. Even though growing customers is important, finding the right customers is more. A target audience is crucial to your brand and to the extension of your business. When you find your target audience, your business can gain loyal customers, grow through word of mouth and craft a solid business reputation. They will be able to share their experiences on social

Gain Great Engagement With Successful Hashtags

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Mar 13
#Impact   Before social media gained buzz, a hashtag was merely the # symbol on your telephone. Now it’s served as the primary tool to draw attention to your profile and to bring millions of users together on social media. What began on Twitter, spread rapidly over to Instagram, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest. Even though, many social media users employ hashtags to boost and market their content, business brands and digital marketers can reap in
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Business Mistakes That Every Company Must Avoid

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Feb 14
Mistakes Ruin Businesses Running a company is a hard road to take, there is no denying that. Whether you recently started your business or if you’re seeking to grow your business into something bigger, you want to make sure there are no business mistakes being made. Handling your online presence is crucial to success of the company, especially in today’s age of digital and the web. Misrepresenting the company or ineffective marketing strategies can, unquestionably,

How the New Presidency Will Effect Small Business Change

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Jan 16
Effects of a New Presidency This month, we will see a brand new president being inaugurated for the first time since 2008. We will, assuredly, see major shifts and changes within our policies, economy, and culture in the US. The primary question on our end, we as a local digital agency that aims to assist small businesses in the community, is what kind of impact will this new presidency have on local, small businesses?  There

6 Tips to Help Launch an Effective Local Holiday Marketing Campaigns

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Dec 14
Marketing in the Holidays The holidays are on the horizon once again, so it’s time for small businesses in the community to start developing and launching their local holiday marketing campaigns to reap the excellent benefits of the season. By incorporating the holidays into marketing campaigns, your audience can gain an exciting incentive to choose your business for their holiday shopping. Promotion LA is a digital agency for local businesses that can advise you on

4 Advices for Effective Customer Communication for Businesses

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Nov 14
Effective Customer Communication by Businesses A successful business, especially a small one, can soar if they can establish several things: a quality idea and product, an organized plan, a clear and understanding vision, and effective customer communication. We’ll be focusing on the latter for the remainder of this article since it’s a significant and vital aspect for a business to be a triumphant. What is effective customer communication? Why is it important and what can

The Importance of Business Blogging

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Oct 14
Reach Out to Potential Customers with Blogs If you’re a small business seeking to break into the radar of your local consumers and customers, you should remember that business blogging provides a relevant impact in your online marketing strategy. The word “blog” began as a slang term for “web log”, it is often used by many people to share their current passion to the public in an online format. A blog is also a place