The shutdown of the Californian Pennysaver this past weekend ousted thousands of restaurants, auto care shops, hair salons, dry cleaners, and countless other small businesses from their community-oriented discount efforts. When the most resounding fixture in regional marketing closed their doors for the final time last Friday evening, ma and pa shops lost their primary medium to engage offline with the local public. With the company reaching 11 million people and reportedly making over $1 million in ad revenue every week, business owners and Pennysaver employees were sent reeling by the closure. But it didn’t blindside everyone.

With print classified ads losing revenue in the past few years, the Pennysaver desistance didn’t surprise media analysts. And Pennysaver’s lender, OpenGate Capital, the company that famously acquired TV Guide for $1, has a plainspoken track record of buying out “underperforming” businesses.

Classified advertising is losing ground. But there’s an easy way to advertise at no cost.

OpenGate’s acquisition of one of the biggest, if not the biggest, advertising publications in the state only reaffirms what we knew — online media consumption surpassed print media consumption. People want to browse deals at their leisure and convenience. They don’t want an advertiser jabbing at them through their mailbox. Providing specials and discounts specifically for local consumers didn’t die out, but delivering them through snail mail in a spam-like fashion did.

Our sister company, The Lucky Deal, is a fitting alternative to Pennysaver. It’s an online platform where you can freely post your discounts and coupons; no hassles along the way. Once you have an account, you can share as many deals as you like. All deals are geared towards a locality of your choosing. Meaning your deal will most prominently show up on web browsers’ search results in tandem with the area where the coupon can be redeemed. Strengthen your business’ online marketing and take advantage of this low-stakes, free service today.

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