How often do you see someone post information promoting their product or themselves closing with #shamelessplug? I’m sure we have seen it plenty of times by now. Type “#shamelessplug” in your search engine on Instagram, and 28,216 posts come up using that hashtag. Here is one from today that we found with a user’s business card: “Boom #official. Go ahead and hit me up for all your printer/printing needs. #shamelessplug.” A shameless plug is a term popularly known on the Internet for when someone includes extra information that is off-topic to advance their own selfish interests. The icing on the cake is that this person willingly admits that their act was selfish and that they have no shame. So, calling something a “shameless plug” practically allows you to spam anyone that you want without any guilt whatsoever. Has this only been a recent trend? We don’t think so.

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