1. Hiring a Web Designer

This is the first and the most important step for a small business to avoid website design mistakes. However finding a web designer is not an easy task, especially when most small business owners are so focused on their business that they don’t have the necessary time or skills to find a web designer. Even when one is found, most regular web designers focus more on their design aesthetic, instead of focusing on your business, your business goals, and your consumer.

Although there are some qualified web designers out there, we know that not all consider your needs. That’s the difference between an average web designer who has the skills and an amazing web designer who will build you a website with all of the variables that you need for your business to succeed, which include content, call to action, engaging your audience, and original photos. As a small business, you should be looking for a web designer or agency that can include all of those because it’s great to have a nice looking website, but it won’t make a difference if people can’t find it because it lacks the necessities.

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