Business Consultation

Business Consultation

Welcome! At Promotion LA, we have a process in place to follow the best path to enhancing your web presence and driving successful digital campaigns built around your brand. The “Start Up” phase, is simply an initiation. It allows each of our departments to dive deeper into your brand, aligning ourselves with your products, services and, mission.

During the Start Up phase, we will derive a digital business analysis to identify where your brand currently stands on the web. This will include a website and social media analysis where we will track your domain authority, site functionality, and overall web visibility. Once our analysis is complete, we will offer a consultation including suggestions as to how we can strengthen your web presence.

The Start Up phase is a necessary step for us. Our goal is to immerse ourselves in your brand, research your competitors and pinpoint your target audience so that we get a feel for the tone, style, and personality that will best portray your mission.

Business Analysis

Our goal is to enhance your business from a digital standpoint and generate more leads through web traffic. In order to effectively enhance your digital presence, we must identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website, social media, and any other digital mediums that represent your business.



Our consultation service will help you understand where you are currently and what must happen moving forward to enhance your digital presence based on our knowledge of your brand’s industry, competitors, and products/services. These evaluations get your business off on the right track to grow.

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