Project Brief:

We were desperately looking for a marketing firm with experience in temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders when we discovered Promotion LA. We were facing significant competition, and we needed to stand out from the pack! Our marketing efforts were not yielding good results, since we spent a lot of money on them with no tangible results. We needed to do something! That is when we then decided to do a Google search of marketing companies in Los Angeles.

Thankfully, we found and chose Promotion LA, a company that was based in LA and had experience working with TMJ professionals.

We decided to call the marketing firm and ask for a meeting with their experts to talk about how they could help us.


Find Solution & Solve it

The head consultant, Mr. Mamane, was very friendly and walked us through every step of what we needed to do to beat the competition.

In a series of meetings with us, he identified issues with our website design, search engine optimization, landing page, product listing, and pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements.

He had to design a new website for us from scratch, develop new SEO listings, and create landing pages for our advertising campaigns.

Mr. Mamane and his team also worked on the keywords used for our PPC campaigns. They have also been offering back-linking services and writing informative blogs on our website.


230% Growth in 2 Years

Doubled Their Leads and Cut Their Budget in Half in Just 60 Days!

Although we made a few errors along the way, Promotion LA helped us correct them almost immediately and set us back on the right track. Since they have been with us from the beginning of the business, they learned and understood us and gathered the data as they came to analyze and recommend ways for us to improve results.


Finally Get the Result

Promotion LA will help you find working solutions.

Yes, ours has been a long journey! We made several mistakes along the way. We previously worked with someone who never offered us the solutions we needed.

Today, we are happy that Promotion LA helped us get on track. Ever since we met Mr. Mamane and his team, they have used the data at our disposal to help us gain better results.

Promotion LA treats us respectfully and offers personalized solutions to our problems. We have never regretted making the choice because the team is committed to offering the best solutions. We will gladly continue to work with this amazing team.

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