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5 Tips for Quality Content Creation

At Promotion LA, we’ve established ourselves as a digital marketing agency. With that being said, we specialize in more than just handling a brand’s digital marketing strategies and campaigns. We consider ourselves a full-service creative agency because we can produce content to drive a campaign as well as derive a strategy for the campaign.

Content is at the center of all successful campaigns. High-quality imagery and text will push a campaign to its highest optimum level of success and it is imperative that your campaigns are driven by customized, original material.

But what are the best steps to generating quality content?

Take the Viewer’s Perspective

You must take the viewer’s perspective when you are creating content for a campaign. It isn’t about your personal opinion. The best campaigns are full of imagery and information that will spark the interest of the target audience. The content creators or even the business owner reviewing the content must be aware of what is in the best interest of the target audience.

Catchy Headline Text

There is a difference between a clickbait headline and a quality headline to attract viewers.  The headline of your post, whether it is a blog or an article with factual information, will determine whether or not the piece goes viral. Just remember, the primary job of the headline is to catch the attention of viewers so that they read your content.

Know Your Target Audience

This goes back to a point touched on earlier in this blog. You must understand your target audience and understand how to reach that audience if you want your content to have any chance to make an impact. Study your competitors, their followings, locations and other traits possessed by people that would lead you to believe that your product is best suited to be in front of their eyes.

Include References in Content

Credibility is gained through “who you know”, right? Well making references to experts in your industry or other popular cornerstone companies in your industry will give your content credibility. Knowing your competitors is one thing, but playing friendly with them is another. Don’t be afraid to feature competitors in your articles. It will help your brand just as much!

Visually Appealing Content

Make sure everything that you produce from your brand’s digital platforms is visually the way you’d like your brand to be displayed. For example, if it is a professional tone you are going for, make the campaign take on a professional look. If it’s supposed to make people laugh, make it look funny. If you want to stand out, make it unique and original. It all depends on what the goal of the campaign is, but when you figure that out you can easily devise your content based around that idea.

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