Making Google Analytics Your Own

Promotion LA never wants our clients to feel intimidated by analyzing data, or mystified by how we’re going to help with it. Basically, we’re analyzing data to gain insight into how to market your business and optimize SEO on your site so it can bring in new customers.

Web Analytics Simplified

Any analysis of data Promotion LA conducts for your business has one purpose: finding out how that data can help your business thrive. We have years of experience looking over data for our clients, and we know how to find out what interests your customers and how to maximize your site traffic by creating content that captures their attention.

Web users create the data we’re looking at, so it’s important for us to understand how those users became your customers. We consider ourselves part of your business’s team, and learning all about your customers will be an essential part of how we market your business. Knowing how your customers have used your services and products can give us a good bedrock upon which to build an analysis of data that allows your business to reach new levels.

Putting Knowledge to Good Use

Once we have conducted the proper analysis of data for your business, we find the best way to apply that knowledge to our promotional efforts. One of the best ways to convert data analytics into new business for your site is by writing content geared towards SEO keywords that your future customers are using online.

SEO keywords determine a lot about how Promotion LA will write the content on your website. We look at what keywords have worked best with your business, and with other successful businesses in your field, and we weave them into the wording of the site so that your business will have more traffic online.

Following the Scent

Part of making data analytics a successful tool for your business is knowing that data findings can often change. New trends develop over time, new technologies can alter services, and staying on top of that will help us know when to make helpful changes to your web content.

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