At Promotion LA, we offer a range of digital marketing services to best serve you and your business. Our services range from web development to marketing to brand design. There is no set guideline on what every company should or should not do; we are flexible and design the perfect campaign for each client.

If you are curious about the different digital marketing services that we offer, contact us today or visit the different pages to learn more!

Web Consultation

We begin all of our partnerships the same way so that we can effectively strategize our marketing campaign. Diving into all of your existing digital platforms, such as your website and social media, will help us better understand your business.

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On the surface, a website looks simple in many ways. However, the finished product is only the tip of an iceberg that involved countless hours of planning and coding to complete. Keyword research, coding, and content development are the building blocks of every website.

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An appealing website is just one element of building a strong web presence. Digital marketing has emerged as the most powerful tool to spread brand awareness online and drive a target audience to a specific place. Through web data, user behavior and search history can be tracked and used to sculpt out a relevant demographic. Social media’s 1st party data makes for strong targeted campaigns.

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Creative Content

No marketing strategy is possible without content. Written content will help push a message in any tone or style you choose. Visual elements such as photography, videography, and graphic design will attach a unique aesthetic to your brand. Creating all of this content under one roof will keep each marketing campaign synchronized and consistent.

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Brand Design

Your brand will benefit from a uniform design. Designing a distinctive logo for business cards, attire, and storefront banners will create physical imagery that will allow your target audience to recognize your brand.

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Event Planning 

Hosting an event in your community is a great way to create brand awareness. We have an experienced staff that can help in all aspects of an event. We will conceptualize the theme, market the event locally, and gather visual content so that your event is the one that your community talks about all year long.

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