Content Strategy

Before you can begin creating content for your brand, it’s important to have a content strategy. Time and time again we see clients posting content on social media, their websites, and their blogs without having any kind of content strategy. The lack of strategy is the number one reason why your blogs aren’t being read and why your social media posts are getting little to no engagement.

At Promotion LA we help develop a content strategy that captures all of the elements relevant to your brand and your brand’s audience. Our goal isn’t to help you create more content, but rather, the right content. Creating content specific to your audience increases engagement with your brand, which improves the likelihood of someone purchasing your products and services.

It doesn’t matter the type of content your brand needs, nor which platform you plan to use. We have all of the resources you need when it comes to photography, videography, graphic design, blog writing, copywriting, or press releases. All of the content we create follows a unique content strategy that is optimized to outperform your previous efforts.  


Original, high-quality photography is a must for any brand trying to grow in a digital space. Using stock images will not give your business a personalized aesthetic. In the age of social media, high-quality images outshine blurry and poorly taken pictures. 


Professionally produced videos can be both powerful and engaging. Put them in front of a targeted audience and you have a recipe to go viral and drive massive amounts of traffic to your website, as well as your products and services.

Graphic Design

Customized graphics help your brand paint a unique personality unmatched by your competitors. Whether you’d like to have a custom logo designed or an infographic displaying valuable industry information, our designers can create graphics that pertain specifically to your business.

Blog Writing

Much like copywriting, blog writing involves sharing information in a compelling way, increasing the likelihood of someone engaging with your brand. Blogs allow you to share relevant information pertaining to your industry. Google loves this and rewards brands with free traffic as a result.


Copywriting is all about using words to showcase your unique selling proposition. The written text you use on your social media accounts, blogs, and website matters. Our copywriters capture your brand's "voice" and then write content to improve customer interaction.

Press Release

A “press release” is a statement or announcement published by a company when they have to share an urgent message with the general public. Our writers are experienced in crafting statements of any tone, which help your brand gain traction through various media channels.