Crafting a beautiful website begins with a conversation. It’s a simple idea we take very seriously at Promotion LA, which is why it’s our first stage of the website development process. Rather than building a website according to our own specifications and vision, we sit down and have a thorough conversation with our clients to better understand their vision and their goals. By understanding our client’s passion and motivation, we are able to achieve something more than just a website.

Our website development projects stand out because our clients had a conversation with us about what they feel is important. We are able to capture their thoughts and then build a website that displays these ideas. Every website that goes through our development department is a mutually agreed-upon idea.

By building websites this way, we are able to build something that is unique and offers a more robust user experience. Our websites are built to be responsive, eye-catching, and functional. We are able to build a wide variety of functions such as custom shopping carts, galleries, or interactive menus. Focusing on the look and feel of your website in relation to your audience increases trust and the likelihood someone will want to work with you. 

Hosting Account Setup

Each custom URL requires a hosting platform. Once your URL is purchased, we will connect it to a hosting platform and set up your account. This will allow your site to go live online once it is completely built.

Content Creation

Our content team will develop written text, unique photography, and graphic elements to give your website a branded appeal. Content is what drives a website's traffic. At the end of the day, the most engaging user-friendly websites get the most traffic.

Concept & Design

Our web development team will conceptualize your site’s design based on your brand's "voice." This goes from colors to graphics to an overall theme. The process is made simple given our experience working with different industries so we can build the perfect website.

Code Implementation

Coding is a complex process that developers perfect over a vast amount of time. Pre-built templates with “drag & drop” features are not as effective as a real coded website. Coding allows a website to be better optimized for visibility across search engines.

Website Optimization

Passive searchers, who are simply looking for a general topic, will likely browse the first few options on the search engines. Our web developers will implement SEO tactics to improve the chances of your site being found before your competitors.

Maintenance Service

A stagnant website will not allow for evolution and growth. The more dynamic a website is, the better. Maintenance covers updating the content, fixing bugs, and keeping information relevant at all times. This also helps optimize a site in the search engines.

Website Add-Ons

There are a variety of add-ons that our team can customize on your website to enhance its user experience. Add-ons consist of elements like shopping carts, photo and video galleries, or blogs. These add-ons can bring life to a website making it more engaging.