What Types of E-commerce Are There?

Starting an online business can be a grueling, nearly endless barrage of hurdles to pass but it helps to be prepared. Ecommerce is, however, growing as people are becoming more accustomed to making their purchases through a trusted online resource. With this in mind, there are several types of E-commerce sites to be aware of so you can do your best to prepare for their demands. The world grows more digital with each passing year, and being behind the times will only cost you money in the long run. So bookmark this blog or take some notes, because we’re about to detail the 6 types of E-commerce sites in 2018.


Business-to-Business is one of the more common types of E-commerce sites as different sites may specialize in particular types of products that are beneficial for businesses to buy in large quantities. Wholesalers, retailers and other large scale producers tend to utilize B2B E-commerce solutions more than anyone else. If you have one particular emphasis, this is one of the best types of E-commerce solutions to utilize for your business.


Business-to-Consumer websites are typically what comes to mind when thinking of E-commerce thanks to the rise of Amazon and others. These websites categorized by businesses having direct communication with the final consumer, right alongside traditional retailers. Something that really distinguishes this from other types of E-commerce sites is the logistical complexity and cost compared to others. On the business end this will be expensive, so remember to establish yourself or have a solid foundation before taking the leap on a B2C website.


Consumer-to-Consumer means that all transactions are done within the end consumer realm. There is often a 3rd party, but most of the product and money is exchanged at the will of the users. This is one of the types of E-commerce that is primarily user-driven as the site itself is more of a platform for the users as opposed to the site driving sales itself.


Consumer-to-Business is a reversal of the usual buying process. This mostly comes from crowdsourced products, often encompassing consumers offering employment, design work, or services to companies that opt to bid for such offers. These are one of the fastest-growing types of E-commerce websites.


Business-to-Administration is where transactions are made between a company (or companies) and public administration/government entities. Various public branches and services require aid or a direct relationship with private companies.


Consumer-to-Administration is a direct relationship between consumers to public administrations or government entities. This is primarily in the realm of document submission or tax payments. This can also be used when the government purchases something from an individual, though this rarely happens.

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