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Finding the Right Website Design: Peaceful Pets Aquamation

Good website design means using your expertise and knowledge about a client in creating a visual version of their business. What do you do when the service for which you’re making a website is relatively unknown to the general populous and deals with “heavy” topics? Selecting a strong theme is paramount to developing the visual, comforting, and easy user experience while providing the necessary information to educate visitors on the nature of the business. Peaceful Pets Aquamation presented this challenge to us at Promotion LA. With the right designers and content creators, we managed to build a site our client could be proud to call their own.

A little more on what Peaceful Pets Aquamation’s business:

Peaceful Pets

Started by pet lovers and animal advocates, Peaceful Pets Aquamation specializes in exactly that — aquamation: an environmentally-based alternative to cremation, meant to honor our beloved pets. Aftercare is not always an easy topic to speak about, but the professionals at Peaceful Pets Aquamation have the expertise and bedside manner to handle such a heavy task. Peaceful Pets sees Aquamation as a celebration of the pets in our lives and is becoming increasingly popular around Los Angeles. With such a unique business, the website design must fit their message perfectly.

Conveying the Message via Website Design

Our focus for creating the website was to provide a level of comfort for users with the right information for those interested to learn about the process and its benefits over traditional aftercare pet services. By focusing on the life of one’s pet, we sought to curate a set of images that would convey a sense of warmth and wholesomeness. These images help showcase how much more meaningful this alternative service is, framing it as the act of honoring a pet while also being at peace with the environment. The right keywords, messaging, and ease of use allow the website design of Peaceful

Pets Aquamation to flourish. Promotion LA takes that inspiration and does what it does best: creates a beautiful website. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for a dose of inspiration, and check out our portfolio for a look at all of our amazing websites!

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