How to improve your web presence

Five Tips on How to Improve Your Web Presence

Simply having a website is not enough to drive customers to your business. You need to constantly update and improve your web presence to best draw in potential customers, as well as keep existing customers satisfied and interested. You also need to compete against every other business that is fighting to obtain potential customers. Marketing tools, social media and other means of enticing people are constantly changing, and you don’t want your web presence to reflect 2009 when it should be up-to-date. Here are five ways on how to improve your web presence.

1. Update your content

If your products or services are constantly changing, it doesn’t make any sense to have a blanket website. Even if they aren’t, you should always be creating something new and enticing so that customers don’t see the same webpage year after year.

Look at it this way – if you change up your content (especially when it concerns deals or discounts) to something relevant, you are giving customers a reason to return. You are also increasing your search engine ranking.

One great way to do this is through blogs. You can utilize blogs to help sell your products or services or simply as a way to stay in constant contact with customers so they don’t forget about your business.

No matter what, make sure your high-value content is always search engine optimized to guarantee the best search results. If no one can find your website, then what’s the point?


You know the acronym – keep it simple, stupid. Honestly, the best way to stay relevant is to keep it simple. At the same time, make sure your content and strong and has good quality to it.

If it takes hours to navigate your web content and everything is cluttered and frustrating to understand, reduce your pages so customers don’t spend forever trying to find the one thing they are looking for. Don’t overwhelm your customers with tons of information and graphics on each page. Make everything easy to use, including any downloads or extra features.

At the core, though, your website should reflect your company’s goals and ideas.

3. Track your website statistics

In order to know what is working for your audience, you have to track and monitor their behavior on your website. This way, you can increase the potential of more visitors to your site.

Regularly analyze your web statistics. Look at the age and demographics of your visitors to truly understand your target audience. Focus on what they like or what they are looking for on your website. If they are looking at a detail that is more hidden, bring it to the front page.

4. Make your website mobile-friendly

With so many people using their phones more than their computers nowadays, it is vital that your website is mobile-friendly. This means that the website automatically resizes and the content rearranges when your website is viewed on a mobile device.

Make sure your website is optimized for smartphones, tablets and more, as you never know where your website is being looked at.

5. Social media is your best friend

Want to stay relevant? The answer is social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, or even videos, pictures or vlogs, social media can go a long way in promoting your web presence. It is also an effective way of acknowledging customers; people like seeing an active company that communicates and provides updates, as well as addresses customer complaints. This, in turn, can act as a word of mouth tool for your current customers.

Add your social media buttons directly on your website so your customers don’t have to go looking for them. Always invite customers to engage with your social media pages; this can include subscribing to YouTube, liking Facebook posts or following Twitter accounts.

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