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How Blogs Can Help with Your Brand

What do you use to showcase your business knowledge? How do you let people know your opinion on industry-related topics? There are a lot of ways to generate leads and make people notice your company, and in the digital age, blogs are still relevant. The blog has changed throughout the years, but fundamentally, it functions the same – it’s a public showing of information. Now, there’s an invitation to learn more or even start a professional relationship. Let’s look at how blogs can help with your brand. There’s a lot of potential with blogs, and you should take full advantage of it!

A Brief History of Blogs

Initially, blogs were entire websites themselves and not sections of websites. They were first started by users but eventually were used by businesses. Early blogging websites included Open Diary, LiveJournal, Blogger, and more. Over time, the blogs grew more customizable, and many people spruced them up and changed HTML codes and themes to match their personalities. Once Google began to index websites, blogs were tracked and could show up in search results.

This, of course, carried over into the new millennium and the advent of more advanced internet technology. Businesses started using blogs to drive traffic to their websites. Personal blogs were still popular, but many more people began to utilize them as diaries or places to vent.

As YouTube became more popular, there was a shift from blogging to vlogging, which allowed viewers to see faces instead of just words on a screen.

Now, blogs play crucial roles in website building. They still retain their place as platforms for users to give their thoughts, but there’s the added benefit of traffic and engagement.

Traffic-Driving Content

Do you read blogs or write them? Photo by Sincerely Media on Unsplash.

Blogs are one of the best ways to drive traffic to your website. You can populate your blogs with relevant keywords that relate to your business and services, write original content, and publish it on the web. This will encourage Google to rank your website higher on search listings, which in turn will expose you to more viewers.

For example, if you own a small music store, your blog can consist of content surrounding new signature series instruments getting released, new albums set to drop, rankings and top-10 lists, lessons and interviews, upkeep and maintenance, and much more. So long as your content is original and relevant, you’ll be present to many more people, and your website traffic will increase.

Your SEO should be top notch for your blogs to appear, though. The higher the quality of your SEO, the higher you’ll rank on Google.

Blogs on Multiple Platforms

Think of each blog you write as a hub of information. You can split it up into sections, link out to other websites that provide additional details or sources, and more. Parts of it can be submitted to other blogs for backlinking. Pieces of the blog can be used as quotes or headlines for social media posts, where you briefly explain them before linking back to the blog itself. Make sure your blogs are shareable and they can go almost anywhere. If a visitor likes a blog you’ve written, they may share it on their own social media, which can further increase your reach.

Give Your Brand a Voice

In today’s world, customers like to have some sort of connection with companies. Take advantage of this by developing a voice for your brand and making sure that you appeal to the customers you have, as well as to those who are similar. With the right voice, you’ll draw in even more traffic and customers.

Additionally, your voice will be defined by what you share and write about. When you bring to light local community events, advertise promotions and deals, build up other businesses and affiliates, and more, you make a positive impression on readers and customers.

In-Depth Advertising for Products and Services

Blogs are great ways to advertise your services. Photo by 91 Magazine on Unsplash.

If you are constantly creating new products or getting new inventory, or if you’re rolling out a new service, your blog is a great place to add more in-depth information about it. For example, if we continue with our music store example from above, you may be receiving a new line of amplifiers. You can create a blog that details the best amps for a certain price range or a style of music. Within that blog, you can mention the new line – as well as create a whole other blog dedicated to that new product. This way, you’re creating content from a few different angles, and your customers can get to the product line internally (from the list blog) or externally (from searching).

Blogs can also go into greater detail on services you already offer. You can list reasons why people need the service, average costs of competitors, benefits, and more. Be creative!

All of this advertising for your business needs to have something that converts leads, though. It’s important that you have sufficient call to action buttons and phrases around the blog. This may include a chat feature or a contact form, links to shopping carts, phone numbers to call immediately, and more.

Long-Term Results and Hits

Well-written blogs and blogs that are often visited hugely benefit your business over time. They steadily become more ingrained in Google’s search, and if you’re fortunate, people will link to your blog of their own volition. The longer your blog is on your site, the more views you’ll rack up.

Some blogs are still relevant a decade after they’ve been published! This is because they’re original and provide the content that users were searching for – and Google recognizes that. Don’t delete blogs after a period of time; instead, promote them and push them even months later to bring attention to them.

Content and Blogs with Promotion LA

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