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Industry Spotlight: Sunset Plaza

Los Angeles is home to numerous shopping centers, malls, and plazas. It’s one of the most famous cities in the world, and visitors come from thousands of miles away just to see the sights, from the Hollywood sign to the walk of fame to Malibu beach to historic downtown. Of course, the locals also love to go out on the town and treat themselves. To accommodate everyone, strips and plazas need to have a variety of businesses and services – and Sunset Plaza achieves exactly that.

Early on, Sunset Plaza was filled with fruit trees and groves. It later became the site for commercial development; clothing stores, restaurants, nightclubs, and agencies populated the strip throughout different periods of time. When the decades and eras shifted, tenants moved on to make way for new business owners and visionaries. The strip itself stayed constant, though; it managed to outlive the Great Depression and World War II, and it has shown no signs of diminishing, even nearly a century after its inception.

Let’s take a walk through Sunset Plaza together and see what’s available!

sunset sign
A simple sign letting you know you’ve entered the strip.

Beauty Care and Cosmetics

If you’re in Los Angeles, you want to look and feel as good as people. There are a lot of beauty care facilities and cosmetics stores present on the Sunset strip. Need hair care or a fresh cut or trim? Entourage Barbershop can take care of you, or head on over to Sunset Plaza Salon, Salon Industrie, or Koji Toyoda Salon. If your skin is feeling a bit dry or you want to be revitalized, you can visit the spa – Ole Henriksen and Golden Ocean are both open and fan-favorites. Of course, you might also be in need of some new makeup, so check out Bluemercury – or if you have an event, you can swing by Blushington.

Sunset Plaza knows beauty. Take advantage!

Fashion and Style

Fashion speaks to all of us differently, so naturally, there are a dozen boutiques at Sunset Plaza. From custom denim at Mac and Kelly to custom dresses at Andrea’s Fashions, from stylish sets for men at ARI to chic outfits for women at Sheila on Sunset, you’ll find something you simply can’t go home without. Or that your kids can’t go without, since Sunset Kids is also located on the strip.

Health and Wellness Centers

If you want to get in shape, stay in shape, or give your body a bout of healing, you’ve got options at Sunset Plaza. Yoga and Pilates are both popular ways to boost physicality and wellness, and you can visit Aura Yoga or Hot Pilates for your needs. More traditional exercise can be found at XRCYZE (traditional in the sense of basic cardio and strength training, not in name!).

There’s also the Meta Clinic, which offers acupuncture, acupressure, cupping, herbal medicine, and more. Your health is of paramount importance; don’t skip out on maintaining it.


Los Angeles is a food city, a melting pot of culture, and it boasts hundreds of restaurants. Those at Sunset Plaza are among the most recognizable of different cuisines. French cuisine can be found at La Petit Four, while Brazilian is featured at Bossa Nova. Chinese food is delicious at Chin Chin and Japanese food is delectable at Sushiya. A staple Mexican restaurant can be found at Tocaya. If you’re in the mood for something more American, Wahlburgers is always an option. And if you’re into brunch culture, mimosas, avocado toast, and people-watching on Sunset Boulevard, take a seat at The Butcher, The Baker, The Cappuccino Maker.

Special Services

special stores sunset
What are you shopping for today?

Of course, there are some businesses on Sunset that don’t exactly match the rest. Sargon Dental, for example, is one of the first businesses you’ll encounter when traveling from the West side of sunset. A dental office in such an area is a unique choice – while many other dentists rely benefit from referrals and searches, Sargon Dental actually gets a lot of eyes and attention from foot traffic. Plenty of people who walk by will remember the location because of how out of the ordinary it is! Plus, for anyone scared of going to the dentist, they can follow up after the visit with a walk around the strip to splurge on some food and clothing to make themselves feel better. Comfort is, after all, one of the main draws of Sunset Plaza!

For individuals who are into high-end real estate, it may be worthwhile to check out Crosby Doe Associates and The Oppenheim Group. There are always listings available in many styles and you may just find your next home – or investment!

Jewelry and accessories can be found at Phillip Press and Samira 13, both of which can be prime spots if you’re looking for the perfect gift for an anniversary or an occasion. If you’re looking to spice up your eyewear or wristwatch, visit Oliver Peoples or Dan Deutsch. There’s no shortage when it comes to sprucing yourself up.

Of course, a historic location like Sunset Plaza would not be complete without something that also celebrates history. Revolver Gallery is one such example – the gallery contains numerous original pieces of artwork and media by world-renowned creative Andy Warhol. Warhol’s work often costs thousands of dollars, with the most expensive piece selling for a staggering $105 million. For any avid art collector (or anyone who’s simply a fan of Warhol’s work), Revolver Gallery is a must-visit location.

Alluring Views

LA from sunset parking
The city sprawls out from the parking lot on the South side of Sunset Blvd.

Sunset Plaza offers a number of free parking lots. The strip itself is very walkable; you can easily clear the entire plaza within an hour or two. You should definitely make it a point to take in the views, though – parking in a lot on the south side of the street lets you observe a wonderful panoramic view of West Hollywood, while parking on the north side gives you a base view of the hills behind the plaza.

Additionally, ample patio space and outdoor dining means you can sit down, enjoy a meal, and watch all walks of life pass by. There’s something about being able to relax right in the middle of the bustle of Los Angeles.

Marketing Services

Sunset Plaza is successful because of its location and endurance, but also because of its marketing and advertising. If you’re running a business that needs eyes and attention, you might not have a legacy on your side – but you also might not need it. For a consultation to talk about digital marketing services for your company, call us today. Promotion LA specializes in building up businesses so that they’re the best versions of themselves, and we make sure to get you where you need to be.

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