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Instagram Tips for Your Local Business

Instagram is a tool that is becoming increasingly popular in this generation. If you’re not familiar with Instagram, it is a picture sharing app with filter presets that can turn any ordinary photographer into a professional! Well, not exactly, but if you use your imagination then anything is possible.

Anyway, Instagram is not only an artsy photo-sharing application, but it is also a great tool for brands to build and grow their social media presence. On Instagram, you have the ability to run paid ad campaigns to target specific audiences, but there are organic steps to take before reaching that point.

Start by Customizing Your Instagram Account

Unique Handle

Instagram is populated by hundreds of millions of users. As studies showed in 2017, there were 700 million active users on this platform.  Your brand is going to have competition, so creating a unique handle (@yourname) will help you stand out.

Informative Bio

Filling out your Instagram profile bio is all about finding a balance. Too much information will cause clutter and users will become disinterested. Too little information may not convey the message firmly enough. You could try using Emoji icons to highlight key points and keep a branded URL link in the website field at all times. Get creative and have fun!

Take Your Image Seriously

High-Quality Photography

On Instagram, an app driven by visual content, the best accounts are loaded with high-quality photography. It gives your brand the image that users are interested in seeing. All of your social media profiles act somewhat as your digital storefront. You wouldn’t want your store looking dirty, unkempt and chaotic. You should treat your Instagram with the same care.

Location Tags

Using location tags can be a huge benefit for small businesses. In a tight-knit community, your prospective consumers are right around the corner (literally). Tagging your photos with locations in your local area will show that you are dedicated to the community and accessible to your audience.

Encourage a Dialogue

Engaging Captions and Interactions

You must always treat social media like a 2-way communication portal. Instagram is no different in that aspect. You want feedback from your audience, and you want to engage back with them so that they know you are committed to their satisfaction. This is a great way to gauge how your target audience feels and how you could improve your brand.

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