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6 Tips on Launching an Effective Local Holiday Marketing Campaign

Marketing in the Holidays

The holidays are on the horizon once again, so it’s time for small businesses in the community to start developing and launching their local holiday marketing campaigns to reap the excellent benefits of the season. By incorporating the holidays into marketing campaigns, your audience can gain an exciting incentive to choose your business for their holiday shopping. Promotion LA is a digital agency for local businesses that can advise you on how the holidays can boost businesses. Here are some genuine helpful local holiday marketing ideas.

Create a Contest

A promotional contest is nothing new, but the holidays are a terrific opportunity to hold one for your audience. You can run holiday-themed photo contests on social media (i.e. the best holiday photo shared will win a free product or service). Another good example is if you have a competition that encourages customers to personalize your products, such as “The most creative decoration on our X product wins X prize.” The ultimate goal of contests is to generate engagement, so the holidays are a better time than any to hold one.

Holiday Email Campaign

An email campaign will do great wonders for your business. Send a series of weekly messages, revealing new special offers. Craft a holiday newsletter and reach out to people on your mailing list for the holidays. On that note, trying direct-mail postcards attached to coupon codes can drive new customers to your website or store.

Personalize Your Own Brand

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Customizing the look of your company’s products to fit in with the holidays could be an effective tool to market to your audience. If your company has a delivery truck, for example, a new makeover of the truck with a new holiday design, a sign, and a special offer can possibly attract drivers and bystanders through town. If you are a restaurant, a stop-and-go food stop, or coffee shop; redesigning your packaging could encourage your customers to share your designs and products on social media, where the word can spread and grow. Personalizing and “holiday-ing” the design of your website with highlighted offers and seasonal decoration can create engagement between your audience and your content.

Another great marketing strategy would be giving out holiday candies, such as chocolate or candy canes, that are customized to show your business logo and any info you want to share. If it’s a B2C business, this will remind customers of your business every time they eat one of the candies. Businesses could hand out the candies for free or include them with every purchase.

A Free Gift

When something is free, it’s hard not to like or appreciate it, whatever it may be. A free surprise gift that is included with a purchase will give people something to remember you by. This strategy could also see the growth of customers. The main goal is for people to spread the word to their friends, which can lead to new customers, more profit, and more repeat business.

Create Promotions that Fit the Season


The spirit of the holidays involves togetherness, love, sharing, friends, and family. Offering bundle product sales will help boost sales marginally. Aside from that, integrating promotional offers such as “Buy one, get one free for a friend” will add focus on friends coming in together and taking advantage of the promotion. A campaign like this is aimed to boost sales but is also aimed to bring an emotional connection to your business. Remember to set a limited time offer in order to get the best result immediately.

Slogans and Storytelling

If you choose to create a campaign, featuring your own slogan for the holidays would be beneficial in branding your business. Building your campaign around a slogan can help reach your target audience, especially through social media. It establishes an identity, an idea, and individuality that can set you apart from your competitors. Make sure to go all-in on this, as in redesigning all of your platforms (website, landing pages, and social media links) to support your campaign.

Finally, sharing stories and messages during the holidays, particularly to a focused audience, can connect your business to people. This is your chance to highlight the great work that you and your staff do for the community. If you’re donating money to a charity, put a spotlight on that in your campaign. The idea is to give your audience a sense of the things that your company cares about during this generous time.

Put Local Holiday Marketing Into Effect

Now that you have your ideas for local holiday marketing campaigns, it’s time to execute them. We know that it can be rather difficult for small, local businesses to break out and make a name for themselves, but utilizing the holiday season will help your business succeed, marketing-wise. Promotion LA is a digital marketing agency that cares about small businesses succeeding. If you’re an owner of a local business in the LA community, we could have the answers you need. Call us to schedule a free business consultation!

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