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Must-Read for Businesses Marketing in the Digital Age

If you run a company that has existed as a brick-and-mortar store for years, you might not have an online presence. You may rely on referrals, word of mouth, location, and customer loyalty to see profits each month.

This worked for centuries, but with the transformation of marketing from speech to papers to the internet, there’s a new way to go about business. From a sleek website to active social media accounts, the platform has changed.

So – change or be changed.

You need to:

  • Bridge the gap between your industry and the internet
  • Create an online footprint
  • Invest in marketing to attract customers
  • Provide a clean and easily-navigated space for potential clients

On the other hand, you might have created a digital outlet to brand your business, but you aren’t seeing the growth and success your competitors are experiencing. You might have spent money on other marketing strategies and tried to pull people in, to no avail. Why? Is it poor SEO work paired with low rankings? Is it a difficult website rife with errors and shoddy design?

You might even want to start a business and you have nothing at all – no store, no website, no social media. There are strategies and itineraries you should follow to make sure you get as many eyes on your brand and as many customers buying your product as possible, but it isn’t an easy path.

What You Need to Do First

First and foremost, you need a consultation. A lot of management and analytics companies will charge exorbitant fees to run a simple analysis and tell you what you already know – that your business isn’t thriving. We believe in free business consultations to make sure you get on the right track from the start. Even though one of our specialties is fixing the issues that popped up from the incompetence of other marketing firms, we hold the philosophy that you should aim to get it right the first time.

Phase 1 — Meet with a Business Consultant

business consulting
A good business consultation can put you on the right track. Image by bertholdbrodersen from Pixabay.

A business consultant can help you understand the missing pieces of your venture. You might not be completely sure how SEO works or how Google ranks pages, or even why it’s important to be present in search engines. You might not be too active on social media, and depending on your industry, that can be a death wish. A meeting with a business consultant will let you identify the issues and understand why they’re hurting your business.

Although the faces and platforms for marketing have changed over the years, the principle has remained constant: make customers aware of your brand and draw them in.

Phase 2 — Plan to Fix the Problems

Once you’ve had your consultation and identified what’s wrong with your marketing tactics, you can start drawing up the ways to address them. You might need to overhaul your website or create social media campaigns to boost interest. You might need to start a newsletter or email subscription. You might even need to create an online store or marketplace to boost sales from customers who are far away.

By devising a plan to address your marketing issues, you can see a clear path forward.

Phase 3 — Implement the Changes

business plan
Once you’ve drawn up your plan, it’s time to put it into action! Image by Pexels from Pixabay.

After creating your plan, you’ll need to follow through and seek the team who can put it into action. Promotion LA has a team with numerous individuals across different age groups from varying backgrounds, which lets us learn about and excel in virtually any industry. A multifaceted marketing team that can take care of everything from content creation to web development will help push your business to the next level.

Finding the Right Fit

A common mistake that business owners make is trying to hire one or two individuals to take care of marketing and development for the entire business. This stretches them extremely thin and tends to backfire spectacularly. The amount of work and upkeep will be too much, and they’ll burn out or poorly market the company.

This is where Promotion LA shines. Our team is a collective of professionals from various age groups who have many types of experience. We’re proud to have a diverse team with specific skill sets and perspectives, which affords us the ability to tackle any problems we face. We handle accounts from multiple industries as well, and we love to dive into new projects and learn about the ins and outs of unique companies.

Cultivating a Relationship

We pride ourselves on our interpersonal relationships and business relationships we have with all of our clients. Some of our clients have been with us over a dozen years and we’ve worked with them from the ground up, preparing everything from their website to a digital marketplace to designing online ordering systems and opening new locations. This kind of expansion and growth is not possible without trust.

Nourishing a relationship is not a business strategy. It’s an act of commitment, and we’re fully committed to our clients. We like to get involved with the team at companies so they can teach us what they do and how they do it, and we can apply it to our marketing and management. We don’t work in a hierarchy – everyone on a team, including our own, is crucial to the operation of the business. Our view on equality is why our relationships with our clients have lasted as long as they have.

Areas of Expertise

We’re no one-trick-pony. We have many areas of expertise that we use to our fullest extent for our clients, and if you’re serious about marketing your business and reaching more customers, you should look for all of the following:

  • Website analysis
  • Content writing
  • Web design and development
  • Coding
  • SEO
  • Social media

All of which we have in spades. As a digital management agency, we need to be able to handle all facets of an account if necessary. We move at the speed of the internet, so we always have to be ready for the next step on behalf of our clients.

Our Passion

Our passion is working with businesses and individuals we believe in and maximizing their potential. Your growth is our growth – we aim to transform your company into a respectable leader in your niche, and as we do so, our own prestige flourishes, too.

The digital world will never be fully conquered; there are too many possibilities, and businesses will always be looking to reach an even larger audience as the scope of the web expands.

Promotion LA is prepared to be there alongside you the entire journey.

Give us a shout, call us directly, send us an email, visit our office – any method you want to use to get started and get in touch with us, take the first step and we’ll kick off a beautiful partnership.

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