Element 29 Deli

The Company: 

Element 29 Deli is an amazing deli located in the heart of Culver City, one that employs truly unique ingredients to all the sandwiches listed on its vast menu. Why are these ingredients so unique? Chef Jeff traveled the world looking for the best flavors to incorporate into his work, making for some truly unique recipes that feed the busiest Los Angelinos around!

The Collaboration:

Two things that need to be on the forefront of any good restaurant site are priority with Element 29 and Promotion LA spent a lot of time on them: Photography and a good menu! Our creative team did extensive photoshoots of all the items available at Element 29 (which are delicious, btw) and imported the best images onto a very contemporary site. The menu is separated into categories so a prospective customer can find exactly what they need with ease. It helps that the site has a high end design for maximum aesthetic appeal!

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