The Company:

JMR technologies works with many high profile institutions for their storage and data duplication needs. Their reach is global, and their technology is every evolving in order to keep up with the needs of these major institutions, which include the United States Air Force, NATO, NASA, DHS and DoE.

The Collaboration:

With such high profile hardware as their main product, JMR Electronics needed the right ecommerce solution for the job, and luckily Promotion LA knew just what tools would make it work! Along with a top not ecommerce theme that takes care of most of the transactional options for such a site, there were a few features needed to round out the package. Things like abandon cart, access to all standard shipping options, live rates, live chat, a customer support system, a list management system, and even a deal countdown all turn a standard ecommerce look into something that goes above and beyond!

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