Mix-it Modern

The Company:

Though always forward-thinking, Mix-it Modern finds its roots in the value of family and the ideal image of a home. Currently operated by a husband and wife and her brother and his wife, Mix-it Modern is a business that specializes in customization of IKEA cabinetry and design. This creative collective aims to push the boundaries of color, architecture, and design with the desire of reflecting love and enjoyment into their customers’ homes.

The Collaboration:

If a business prides itself on creativity and eclectic design, it needs a website that echoes these values. Working with Mix-it Modern, we wanted to communicate their leaning toward modernity and minimalism. On the landing page, we used a sleek design to immediately emphasize the product and services they offer. With simple colors and a smaller, easy-to-use navigation menu off to the left, we wanted visitors to quickly gauge Mix-it Modern’s artful voice and passion for their customers.

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