We’re a Fitness Digital Management Agency– Promotion LA 

Promotion LA is a fitness digital marketing agency located in the fitness capital of America! In fact, we’ve been working with fitness companies for years under the guidance of our CEO, Marlene. She knows the ins and outs of the fitness industry and has a sixth sense of what people are looking for. Thanks to her, we have a finger on the pulse of up-and-coming fitness and health trends like herbal supplements, detoxes, diets, and more.

The Promotion LA team doesn’t just work with fitness companies as professionals; we’re active patrons. We ski by snow and sea, hike in the beautiful Rocky Mountains, and we’re devoted members of our local gyms. We understand how important proper fitness is from a personal perspective. So, we’re excited to work with companies helping patrons get healthy and embrace a healthier lifestyle! In the past, we’ve promoted surfers offering private lessons, yoga studios, skiers, recreational retailers, rehabilitation centers, and more!

We’ve seen the world shift from traditional marketing to digital, so we help our fitness clients adapt! In a world full of passing fitness fads, Promotion LA takes the road less traveled.

Our team will build sophisticated fitness software for your business and promote your brand via social media influencer outreach. Creating compelling new packaging for products that aren’t moving and crafting marketing campaigns to entice consumers to leave reviews on Google and Yelp will elevate your band’s reputation! Our web development and SEO services will make your webpage user-friendly. We’ll even implement regional SEO to help locals find you.

Promotion LA is passionate about fitness and we’ve helped so many of our fitness clients survive and thrive over the years! Why would you work with an ad agency that just doesn’t get what you do? You wouldn’t!

Work with an expert fitness digital marketing agency and contact us today!