We Know Digital Management for Restaurants – Promotion LA

We’ve been working in the foodservice industry since we got our start in 1982. Our business and marketing consultant, Leor Mamane, has two cooking degrees in cooking cuisine and sauces. Additionally, we have sold our concept of a steam table restaurant featuring a menu of broths, soups, stews, and chilis to investors. We have insider knowledge on every aspect of the foodservice industry from fine dining to food wholesalers. The best is, we have the know-how to support you with digital marketing for restaurants.


In the past, we’ve worked with healthful food wholesalers, fast-food favorites, family restaurants, and fine dining establishments. We believe that marketing concepts should encapsulate your brand’s aesthetic, voice, and mission. Whether you’re a pasta company that sells your wares to restaurants nationwide, a corner café on a quiet street in Connecticut, or a high-end French restaurateur who sources premium ingredients from all over the world to delight your patrons, we can elevate your online presence and increase sales with our expertise in providing digital marketing for restaurants and foodservice companies.


We’ve watched the world transition from traditional marketing to digital, so we help our foodservice clients adapt! At Promotion LA, we take the road less traveled because uniqueness draws attention! We help our foodservice clients prepare proposal and concept decks for investor meetings, craft marketing campaigns to entice consumers to leave reviews on Google and Yelp, focus on web development and SEO to make sites user-friendly and appealing, apply regional SEO to help locals find you, revamp your catering program, set up order online options, and create accounts for you on 3rd party delivery apps.


Promotion LA has helped so many of our foodservice clients survive and thrive! Are you ready to snag our digital marketing for restaurant services? Let’s cook up some amazing marketing strategies! Contact us today!