Digital Management for Interior Designers and Landscaping Companies– Promotion LA

Looking for an ad agency that does digital marketing for interior designers and landscaping companies? Your search stops here. House flippers, interior designers, landscaping companies, and home goods manufacturers, welcome!

Promotion LA has worked with a number of companies from lighting shops to paint manufacturers for years! So, whether you flip homes, prune hedges, match paint color swatches, or have to choose between which Rococo style lamp to place on a hallway bistro table, Promotion LA has you covered.

When you’re hard at work, the last thing you want to think about is your online marketing strategy. So, if you’ve been stressing over self-promotion lately, take a load off. You can only be in one place at one time! Bring on a talented team of digital marketers, and we’ll spend our time promoting you so you can focus on your day-to-day.

Our team of expert digital marketing specialists is a team of designers at heart. We know how to craft content suited to your brand without skipping a beat! We’ll help you build a great rapport with your community while making it easy for potential clients to find you. With a little national and regional web optimization and a user-friendly design, your website will pull in new clients that need your services!

Promotion LA’s team of content creators will craft visuals to pull the eye, as well as supply you with a ream of professionally edited photographs taken by our talented photographers! They’ll go onsite to take pictures of your shop, products, your work, and your team in action!

Be an industry stand-out and work with an ad agency that understands digital marketing for interior designers, landscaping companies, and home goods manufacturers. We’ll help you get to the next level by getting you on the map. Call Promotion LA today!