We Know Digital Management for Entertainment Industry– Promotion LA

Lights, camera, marketing! Promotion LA lives in the heart of Los Angeles, the movie capital of the world, so we’re no strangers to showbiz! We’re a full-service team of marketing experts specializing in digital marketing for entertainment industry clients! We’ve helped several indie production houses, private art galleries, virtual games, and actors develop modern, dynamic websites with SEO optimization that ranks you high on keywords and phrases relevant to your industry, genre, and niche craft.

We know those big production companies have money to burn and that their marketing departments are packed with expert devoted teams that are some of the best out there. But what if you’re an indie production company just starting out? You may not have all the green of a bigger company, but you still need to promote your company and your film projects! This is where Promotion LA comes in.

We’ll make you easy to find so you can start building the network of professional contacts you’ll need to strike it big. For those of you who have been in the game longer, our social media manager will help you preserve your reputation and keep bad press at bay.

Promotion LA knows digital marketing for entertainment industry. We’ll spread the word about your new projects on social media and help you create content that will share your story to attract even more web traffic. Holding a casting call? No problem! We’ll list you on Backstage and ProjectCasting.com so actors and crew members can find you! When you need to put together a treatment, Promotion LA has a dedicated content team waiting in the wings to make your vision a reality.

What are you waiting for? Cameras are rolling! Grab your script and contact Promotion LA today so we can put you on the big screen!