We Know Digital Marketing for Real Estate Agencies – Promotion LA

Real Estate marketing is still largely traditional, consisting mainly of physical signage. People tend to like to see what they’re buying in person before they invest. The best way to tell people a house is for sale is to stick a sign in the front yard. This strategy works for the real estate industry. If it’s not broke, don’t fix it, as they say! But what if you could make it better with digital marketing for real estate?

In the past, we’ve worked with small, privately-owned agencies like Vars Real Estate that sell office spaces and buildings to corporate clients. We have also partnered with well-known agents like Chad Lund who sell everything from condos to mansions in the hills.

Whether you’re a B2B agency and want to reach your corporate clients or B2C and want to build a good reputation for yourself in your community, we can support you! Bring on a team of professionals who understand digital marketing for real estate agencies.

Adding the digital marketing element to your marketing strategy can attract more interested buyers to your location, or call attention to your properties! A dedicated social media manager will get the word out there and help you build relationships with the communities you serve. They’ll provide links to newly listed properties and tell the world what you’re up to! Promotion LA can set up a form on your site to make scheduling an open house appointment easy. Additionally, our content team will create original content for your website for extra optimization.

Whether you’re selling a spacious flat in sunny Venice Beach, a two-bedroom house in Flushing, or brokering funeral plots, we’ll help your listings and website get seen! Are you ready to get your agency and your listings on the map with Promotion LA’s expert marketing team? Get high-quality digital marketing for real estate and contact us today! We look forward to hearing from you!