We Know Digital Marketing for Retail – Promotion LA

Promotion LA  has evolved with our retail clients as the marketing landscape transitioned into the digital space ever since 1982. Today, we offer our clients digital marketing for retail! We’ve supported retailers from high-end fashion boutiques (in fact, our VP owned a multimillion-dollar fashion company for years!) and army surplus stores to exotic pet shops and cannabis dispensaries on their journey to digital marketing enlightenment!

When we take on a new retail client, we take the time to learn about every single aspect of their business. We’ll ensure that we know your products, brand voice, target audience and goals backward and forward before we even begin working out a marketing strategy.

This allows us to better help our clients reach their customers wherever they live online. While we do this, we also help them develop or enhance their brand as collaborators, too. We know that every store is different, so that’s why every marketing package and strategy is custom-made to best serve our clients.

Our team of marketing experts will help you develop a user-friendly, SEO-optimized website as well as a fully-loaded online store. We’ll also manage your business’s social media accounts across platforms. Need digital ads for your website? No problem! We’ll use them to help you announce deals and newsletter subscriptions and promote coupons! Feeling adventurous? We’ll help you get the ball rolling on influencer-centered marketing campaigns and create and implement sweepstakes. Our photographers will even take photos of your storefront and interior to share online!

The best is, outsourcing your marketing strategy will save you money year over year, so you won’t need to pay out wages, benefits, or employee taxes. You’ll just be paying for the work and a job well done.

Are you ready to see your client base grow? Work with an agency that knows digital marketing for retail. So, work with Promotion LA and contact us today!