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Promotion LA and Coronavirus: How We Have Evolved

Like every other business in the country, Coronavirus has affected Promotion LA. We’ve had to change the way we operate to keep our staff and clients safe and happy during this time. We’ve had to evolve how we work, how we interact with clients and how we cater to their needs.

And yet, our doors are still open, and we are still finding new clients. In fact, we signed on four new clients during the past four months, something most businesses can’t say they have accomplished. All the while, we’ve worked hard to meet the safety precautions set in place by the city of Los Angeles.

Promotion LA and Coronavirus

Before Coronavirus, our entire staff worked in-house at our office located at 10401 CA-2 #101. New clients would come into our office to meet with our content writer and owners. We would conduct interviews to learn about their business before writing web content, blogs and social media posts.

Since March, our staff has been working entirely from home. We moved all our files to the Cloud so everyone could access whatever documents they need with ease. Our morning meetings are held every day at 8 a.m. Everyone discusses what they are working on throughout the day and what they have scheduled for the week.

We now conduct all client interviews and meetings via phone or Zoom meetings. When it comes time to approve a website so it can launch, we host a Zoom meeting and share our screen with the client to show them the finished product.

No matter what, we have been working harder than ever to help our clients adjust to the new normal that is Coronavirus. We have been maximizing potential leads and income, and we are working on new services for our clients, including our Review and Reputation Management service.

New Clients

Even with a pandemic, Promotion LA has found new clients to create websites, blogs, social media posts and marketing campaigns. Meet some of our new clients.

  • Gentle Pet Crossing: GPC provides pet afterlife care services in the form of aquamation, or cremation by water. We created a website for GPC, which is stationed in Florida, that highlights aquamation, keepsake products and more.

  • Green Leaf Payroll & Business Solutions: Green Leaf is a business solutions company that offers banking, payroll and human resources solutions to their clients. Though their niche is the cannabis industry, they can work with clients of all shapes and sizes in different industries.

  • My Pet Naturally: MPN is a pet health food store that is bursting at the seams with products and services for cats and dogs. With their online store (featuring pet food, supplements, treats and more), in-house pet bakery and in-house pet grooming department, you won’t be disappointed when you visit their store in Santa Monica.
  • Jeff Nimoy: Our newest client is Jeff Nimoy, second cousin once removed of Leonard Nimoy, the Star Trek character Spock. We are creating an interactive website for Jeff that highlights his career, which includes voice, film and photo work, and his newest movie “Fame-ish.”

Promotion LA Moving Forward

Promotion LA is still evolving to meet the health and safety precautions as the city reopens, even though there has been a tremendous spike in Coronavirus cases. Our owners and developer have returned to the office, but they are maintaining social distancing and wearing masks throughout the day. The staff is located on the second floor to ensure there is no contact with clients, though our content writer and SEO employee continue to work from home.

Promotion LA is gearing up to start letting clients come into our office. Our main room downstairs can hold a maximum of two guests at a time to ensure everyone is properly protected.

We are still offering free consultations regarding your company’s current online presence and reputation. Call today to schedule your free consultation and see how we can help your business evolve and grow.

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