Promotion LA Serves LA-Based Small Businesses

Ever since we were founded in 1982, we have been devoted to serving the small businesses of Los Angeles with top-of-the-line marketing services. 

Promotion LA has changed with the times and with the city of Los Angeles as it stepped into the digital age. Though we offer relatively new services like web development and social media management today, we still have the same devotion to helping smaller businesses grow their companies. As we look back on our nearly forty years of business, we’ve noticed something else that hasn’t changed. Nearly 90% of our clients are LA-based small businesses! 

Small Business Clothing Store. Photo on Pexels

We Know LA’s History

As an LA-based small business ourselves, Promotion LA understands Los Angeles like very few marketing firms actually do. If you ask us, we could tell you the histories behind certain storefronts. We know who has come and gone and the best is, we can tell you how well the location attracts and retains business, too.  

We build websites and promote your brand across social media platforms! Photo by Campaign Creators on Unsplash

Who Do We Help? 

We are passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses that want to save money and resources by outsourcing their marketing, web development, and social media management services. Though we’re an LA-based marketing and web development firm that prides itself on our community-based business, we gladly help businesses from other places, too. Regardless of industry, we help businesses spend less on their marketing efforts by improving their web presence with A-Z services. Promotion LA is a jack-of-all-trades, having experience in industries from clothing to food retail.

No matter your industry or location, you can find marketing solutions for your small to medium-sized business when you work with our experienced marketing team.

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