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Promotion LA’s 16-Year Relationship with Benny’s Tacos

With digital marketing agencies, it isn’t too often that you hear about clients being around before the Internet became popular. At Promotion LA, we have one client that has been with us for the past 16 years, well before the Internet became the new age of marketing and advertisement – Benny’s Tacos & Rotisserie Chicken.

Through thick and thin, Promotion LA and Benny’s Tacos have worked together to create a business model that best serves the owner Benny Borsakian.

From the Beginning

Benny came to Promotion LA over 16 years ago for paper marketing. Promotion LA owners Marlene and Lee Mamane helped Benny, and this relationship grew and evolved over the years, especially when the Internet became the next big deal.

From there, paper marketing transformed into Internet marketing, and the two businesses never looked back.

Lee Mamane offered an Internet business consultation with Benny; Lee broke down the Mexican restaurant and made proper directions to save Benny time and money as he utilized our marketing techniques. One way to do this was to divide his budget so everything he wants gets accomplished each month – this includes web maintenance, blogs and social media posts, which are covered below.

Benny's Tacos homepage

Custom Website for Benny’s Tacos

One of the first things Promotion LA created for Benny’s Tacos was their website: With bright colors, lots of pictures featuring delectable food and information covering the entire food business, the website has it all. With 15 tabs, we highlight their about section, their expansive menu, a photo gallery, their top-notch catering service, fundraising opportunities and contact information for their three stores.

A big feat for the website was their custom catering page. With individual boxes that focus on their individual catering options (taco platter, taco platter, burrito/quesadilla platter, fajita platter, rotisserie chicken, mixed platter, breakfast platter, enchiladas platter and lunch boxes), customers know exactly what they are getting when they order with Benny’s Tacos.

Social Media and Blogs

Along with monthly maintenance of the website, Promotion LA creates new content for Benny’s Tacos every month in the form of social media posts and blogs.

The social media department at Promotion LA creates six blog posts a week for Benny’s Tacos. We use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

These blog posts include pictures of their food, short descriptions to entice customers and quirky emojis to grab their attention. This means that Promotion LA often does a photoshoot with Benny’s Tacos to update our portfolio of their food, both for the social media posts and blogs and for the website.

The blogs cover a range of topics about Mexican food, such as the history of churros, the 10 types of tortillas and how to tell if an avocado is ripe.

Benny’s Tacos and COVID-19

Like most businesses and restaurants, Benny’s Tacos had to change the way it operates during the COVID-19 pandemic. Promotion LA had to find new ideas and directions for Benny’s Tacos during this time so the Mexican restaurant could continue to thrive.

An example of this was a pop-up on the website talking about customer and employee safety. The pop-up alerts customers to new policies, including social distancing and mask requirements.

We also altered the social media posts to highlight the take-out and delivery options provided by Benny’s Tacos; this lets customers know that they could continue to support Benny’s Tacos and get their favorite Mexican food at no hassle during the pandemic.

Promotion LA and Your Business

If what we have done for Benny’s Tacos over the last decade and a half sounds like a great model for your business, then don’t wait. At Promotion LA, we are always jumping to what’s next with our clients so they always stay relevant.

Reach out to Promotion LA today to schedule your free business consultation so we can discuss the next step for you. Call us at 310-405-7598, or fill out an online form at

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