Promotion LA’s PPC Campaigns for Clients

At Promotion LA, a digital marketing agency, we work hard to do whatever we can to help our clients increase sales and online viewership. One way we do this is through pay-per-click campaigns, or PPC campaigns.

How PPC Campaigns Work

With PPC, we write ads for our clients that focus on a specific keyword and have a title and description. We then select a target area and audience, including a specific age, gender and income.

The cost of the keyword depends on the word’s competition, which makes PPC campaigns incredibly targeted. However, each client determines how much they want their budget to be so we meet their costs. According to Social Media Today, every $1 sent on a PPC campaign earns a business $2 in revenue.

Our campaigns can also target people that visited the website but didn’t buy something.

PPC Campaign Goals

PPC campaigns have many goals for clients. Since the campaigns bring immediate exposure to the business, they are a good way to build a company’s brand.

With display and video ads, a company’s ad is shown on a website that is related to a specific topic. According to WordStream, 65% of users who click on an ad intend to make a purchase.

Types of PPC Campaigns

The most popular types of PPC campaigns are Google Ads and Facebook Ads. Both offer a conversion tracker, which is a piece of code inserted into a company’s HTML that tracks specific actions on web pages. For example, these codes can keep track of visits, how long they stay, what specific pages they visited and any purchases made.

Google also offers quality score reports for all written ads. These reports help improve the ads.

Promotion LA’s Clients

Allan’s Pet Center Before and After PPC Campaigns

TMJ Before and After PPC Campaigns

At Promotion LA, we have several clients with extensive PPC campaigns: Allan’s Pet Center, Auto Body Auto Care, Benny’s Tacos & Rotisserie Chicken, Gentle Pet Crossing and TMJ Expert Dr. Eddie Siman.

Each client receives a special, customized PPC campaign. For example, Benny’s Tacos only gets Facebook Ads to entice their target audience.

No matter what their PPC campaign is like, the campaigns are designed to achieve maximum results for each and every client.

To receive your special, customized PPC campaign today, contact Promotion LA for a free consultation.

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