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Promotion LA Implements SEO Listings

Though Promotion LA prides itself on making fantastic websites and amazing marketing campaigns, we also work hard to implement the best organic search engine optimization, or SEO, and SEO listings. These tactics help the websites we create become top searches for search engines, such as Google. Otherwise, what is the point in making a website if no one ever sees it?

But what exactly does all this mean? So you can properly understand what Promotion LA does for its clients, let’s take a look at SEO and SEO listings and how Promotion LA then implements them for our customers.

SEO Recap

As mentioned before, SEO stands for search engine optimization and is a marketing strategy that optimizes web pages to receive a higher position or ranking with organic or natural (free) search engine result pages, or SERPs. In other words, by optimizing your website in a specific way, search engines, including Google, determine that your webpage is the best and puts your website at a higher ranking than others at no cost to you. The higher the ranking, the earlier your website appears in a web search. This means your website then receives more visitors and potential customers.

There are many parts to proper SEO so you optimize your website in the best possible way. For example, you need to use specific keywords that people are researching. Having well-written web content that utilizes the keywords is also a big help. Another way to boost your website is with SEO listings.

For additional examples, check out this guide to Yoast SEO:

What Are SEO Listings?

SEO listings are the modern digital versions of phone books and yellow page directors. What Promotion LA does is review the most searched online directories and ensure that your contact information and services or products are listed correctly and up to date there. If they aren’t, we submit them so they do appear accurately on the lists. This allows potential customers to find you and hire you. It also helps you organically grow your web presence.

When doing SEO listings, it is important to make sure that your business meets the different listings; you shouldn’t use random listings for a business if they don’t match.

Google My Business

One of these online directories that Promotion LA heavily uses is Google My Business. This allows businesses to submit their profiles and contact information for free on Google, which then feeds this information to tons of search results, including Google maps.

On Google My Business, your company profile can be as detailed as you want. No matter what, you should always list your name, address, phone number and website URL, or NAPW. You can also include your products and services, business description or category, open and close times, menu, social media profiles, images, certifications and more. Please note that all information submitted to Google My Business needs to be correct; if Google can’t determine that the information is correct, it won’t show your business in any search results.

If you don’t list your business and its contact information, you aren’t giving your website the chance to be properly searched by potential customers. Having a great website is only half the battle; making sure people see it is the real goal.

Other places to properly list your business include Yelp, Bing, Trip Advisor and more.

Bayer Cemetery and SEO Listings

For an example of Promotion LA’s SEO listings, check out Bayer Cemetery Brokers.

Bayer Cemetery Brokers has been helping grieving families find the best rates regarding burial accommodations since 1998. The business works with churches, funeral homes, cemeteries, casket stores and other brokers to provide the best options. They feature family burial plots, gravesite listings and more. You can check out their website (which we also created for them) here:

For Bayer, Promotion LA has been with them for years, and we have implemented the best SEO strategies for them, which include SEO listings. By working with Bayer for years, we developed the knowledge and experience needed to boost them to the top of search results and gather the necessary clients to keep them afloat.

Another ideal outcome about working with Bayer for years is that we also gained the knowledge and expertise needed about the funeral industry so we could help additional clients. For example, during the COVID-19 pandemic, we signed on Gentle Pet Crossing, a pet funeral service in Florida. We knew exactly what to do and not do regarding SEO listings for Gentle Pet Crossing based on our previous work with Bayer Cemetery Brokers.

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