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Promotion LA offers social media management services for every main platform, including Meta (Facebook and Instagram), LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. We work together with our clients to maximize user engagement with your social media accounts.

Adding It Up

One way to gain new followers and customers on social media is by placing ads on them that target your audience and draw them to your profiles. Ads on Facebook and Instagram, for instance, will be strategically placed in the path of users who are likely to become your customers and followers.

Promotion LA knows how to gear social media campaigns towards gaining an impressionable target audience. We will make your services and products look better than your competitors to the people meant to use them, and social media is the perfect tool to do this for a larger audience.

Baby Steps, or Run a Mile?

Promotion LA can help you build a following on social media as quickly as your business has anything to share. Whenever you think there’s a picture, deal or event worth talking about, hand it over to us and we’ll make it shine for your followers.

The way for your business and Promotion LA to accomplish short- and long-term goals for each social media profile is by being authentic. If your business wants to grow market share organically, we will commit to crafting the content to accomplish that. We are constantly looking at analytics and metrics to determine that we are on course to reach those goals.

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