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Defining Your Target Audience

Find Your Target Audience

For any small business, building a solid customer base is definitely essential. Even though growing customers is important, finding the right customers is more. A target audience is crucial to your brand and to the extension of your business. When you find your target audience, your business can gain loyal customers, grow through word of mouth and craft a solid business reputation. They will be able to share their experiences on social media. Refer friends, and write positive reviews.

Your target audience can only help your business become better. That’s what we want to emphasize in this month’s blog; it’s important to identify your business’ target audience is before developing your website and arranging your marketing campaigns. If you learn to identify your audience, you will be able to hone in on your message and create a marketing approach that appeals to that direct audience. Here are a few tips to help you find determine your target audience.

Knowing Your Customers

First thing is to ask yourself, who would use my product? A small business should think about the common age, gender, demographic, budget, location and marital status of their overall customers. For example, a single college student will have a different method of spending and needs compared to a married individual with kids. Who are your most frequent customers? All you’re trying to do is to consolidate your customers into specific categories. This will assist you in identifying which categories that your target audience belongs too.

Location, Location

Think about how you conduct your business and the location you may be in. Your target market can be refined due to where the business is and how customers find you. Do you have a physical store? Are you an online-only store? This can help decide what kind of marketing approach that you want to go with. Online businesses would need to market to a wider, national audience. A store may narrow your target audience to customers in your local neighborhood.

With location, think about what goes on in your neighborhood: are there many families? Is there a nearby stadium, arena, or ballpark? Is your location in a busy shopping area or is it isolated afar from the town? Taking into account your location of how your customers are reaching you will help you focus on an engaging strategy to reach more.

Time Factors In

Time is also a key factor when a business is trying to reach out to their target audience. What are your peak hours? You can take this information and use it as your advantage. Know when most customers are contacting your business will help you develop a strong and engaging campaign to create more loyal customers. Your business can seize this opportunity to maximize their marketing efforts. Furthermore, knowing which season, month, day, and time of when your market is most engaged with your business can benefit you as well.

What Will Your Target Audience Gain?

Who will gain the most value from your products? Why would customers want to buy from you? What problem is your business solving? Analyze the needs of your customers, maybe through surveys or inquiries, and discover what they value most about your services and products. When you find this out, it will help you better your campaigns, blogs, social media posts, etc. for maximum appeal.

How Customers Find You

Remember, that your customers are finding you somehow, whether its through social media, online ads, blogs, or word of mouth. Try to find enough helpful information so you can use it as a guide. Double down on what you discover to better increase your target market reach.

We’re About Your Target Audience

Once you discover your target audience, you will be able to focus more on them. Your audience will magnify the status of your business and drive it to success. A target audience will provide you with a path and an indication that you’re going in the right direction. Promotion LA‘s job is to relieve some of that pressure and workload of researching and coming up with a marketing plan for your business. We can aid your business in finding the right target audience.

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