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Web Development for My Pet Naturally

When My Pet Naturally came to Promotion LA during the COVID-19 pandemic looking for a complete remodel of their web development, we knew we had some intense work to do. Making sure that this pet store had a new, fresh website, complete with an e-commerce page, tons of pictures and an expansive marketing campaign was a challenge worth taking.

My Pet Naturally

My Pet Naturally, a pet store dedicated to providing healthy pet food, supplements and treats, is not like most pet stores. Along with the brick-and-mortar store, My Pet Naturally also has an in-house pet bakery and pet grooming department. Unfortunately, their old website was not living up to the standards that the owner Neil Massa had in mind.

With so many fantastic features, Promotion LA knew it had to redo everything, starting with the web development.

Website E-Commerce

The biggest aspect of the new website was the e-commerce page where all of My Pet Naturally’s products are listed. With thousands of products, including pet food, supplements, treats, supplies and more, My Pet Naturally needed an e-commerce page that also made the brick-and-mortar store easier to handle.

Promotion LA first connected the online store to the in-house store; managing both stores is now easier than ever. If an automatic change happened to the in-house store (prices went up or inventory ran out), this was immediately reflected on the e-commerce page, and vice versa.

My Pet Naturally was using LightSpeed to manage their e-commerce, but Promotion LA integrated it to WooCommerce. WooCommerce makes handling the online store much faster and smoother.

Web Development Details

When it came to developing the new website, Promotion LA went with a clean look that featured all the numerous services. The home page showcases the top 10 and featured products, as well as the team working at My Pet Naturally.

The new website has several new pages from the old website; these pages include “Chicken Care” and “Blog” under the “The Store” section. However, the big accomplishment was individual pages highlighting the pet food, supplements and treats.

To accomplish these numerous pages and products, Promotion LA had to complete several intense photo shoots. In the future, many of these pictures can be used in blogs and social media posts.

Marketing Campaigns and Web Application

Since the website recently launched, My Pet Naturally and Promotion LA has just started a new intense marketing campaign for My Pet Naturally. These marketing campaigns will directly connect with and integrate around the web development.

Promotion LA also offers and builds subscriptions and video subscription web applications to get them the highest amount of viewership. With the right web applications, our clients can achieve safety and profits at the same time during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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